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420 plans!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sparky420, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. What do all you got planned for this april 20th. Im buying a new glass peice, to christen on the holy herb holiday. Me and my freinds are planning on just circling a hooka with couches and smoking our selves retarded all day long. For smokin Im buying a quarter of the finest KB, a couple caps of oil, and some shrooms to end the day.

    lets hear your plans!
  2. Where do u get yur oil?
  3. The guy it comes from specificly grows bud for makin oil. Oil seems to be very popular in Canada right now. And cheap.
  4. Me I am going to enjoy the fruits of my labor with all my "buds" (heh). My baby has 2 more weekd left on her the to dry (1 1/2wk hopefully) and the rest up until 4/20/02 it will be cured mmmmmmmm I hope she is some sweet cheba I tested a bud with my lil bro and we got high off of 2 hits each we weren't blasted but were high. Anyway I plan to see how high she will take me.

  5. I think Ganjaphish and I are just going to sit at home with a nice bag of nugs and some kief and enjoy the day.....this sounds almost like every day ;)
  6. That sounds very much what I would like to do with my hubby but I'm so ignorant I'm not sure what nugs and kief is. But yeah...hopefully we can make it a family affair with my kids but definately. You just know you have to be high all day:D
  7. I dont have any plans right but im pretty much thinking it will invlove being toasted alll dayyy longgg. =) Maybe Ill get together with some people and form a circle. =)

    Nugs: are those bunchs of weed that come manicured from the plant, sometimes the size of your pinky sometimes quite a bit bigger.

    Kief: the straight THC's crystals that can be harvested from your crop. Nice just sprinkled on your bowl.

  8. Thanks. Now I know:)
  9. well my birthday is actually jsut before 4\20 so i'm investing in an ounce of some high quality bud. I've heard here in NYC on 4\20 the cops turn their shoulder to people who smoke in central park. So i'm gunna roll about 10 bones and take a trip to central park.
  10. me and 4 of my good tokeing buddies will probably hook up on a O. we are plannning on going to venance and back, but we will probably end up getting too stoned and just staying at home getting dusted.
  11. 420? Is this like some good excuse for getting really high? If so- I LIKE IT!!! ah i get it 4/20! but why? good excuse? like i said- i like it!!
  12. 4/20/02 there's supposed to be huge rallies going on for legalization. it's been way too long and we are laughing at the government for their wasteful and wrongful war on drugs. i am planning on smoking with my peeps and watching tv all day and maybe dropping some lucy in the late afternoon if i can find some.
  13. If I'm not mistaken that's the day we have eeore's birthday party at peas park here in Austin, TX. People just go and toke up all day long through sundown. I haven't been in a while and am not sure what day it is but I'm pretty sure it's on 4/20. The cops don't say a damn thing either.
    Smoke, Smoke on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last years 4/20 was cool because it landed on Friday and being that is was 4/20 it definately was a F R I E D A Y.
  14. its on a saturday this year. I'll probably cry all day because i'm too poor to get any buds. I hate my life. i hope it starts to rain weed, because if it don't i'll be dry until.... well until i can drive so i can fucking work.

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