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  1. Any experience or knowledge of 420 bubblers? I am looking for a GonG bubbler. I don't want to go much more than $200 on the piece. This isn't the cleanest and not exactly what I want..the lhs says its American made but don't believe him. Whatcha think for $90?

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  2. Even if you talk him down is it worth spending 70-90 bucks for something that is gonna break really quick? It should hit relatively smooth bit will be a bit draggy. I wouldn't just cause I'd hate to spend that much money and lose it and that design with thin glass doesn't stand a good chance at lasting long.
  3. Doesn't look American made to me ... but I could be wrong. Are you looking specifically for an inline? If your upper budget is around 200, why not go for a Ben Wilson 6 arm bubbler or a Headford Inline ... although they are double the price of that piece, the quality is probably much better and I think in the long run you'll be happier.
  4. What makes u think it isnt American made?

    Does it feel really thin???

    Looks good to me for 90 bucks.
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    Those are some of the exact pieces I have been looking at. I like the SYN inline, there's several on alt I like. I want to support local shops as much as I can... maybe I'm just an impatient bastard lol. I ordered over $400 from soul shine in April. Communications horrible and haven't seen anything yet...I know it is busy time for shops but do most online shops take forever?

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