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  1. Anyone order from here very very cheap. Auto ak47 for 20 usd is crazy. But i read good feedback about them on a another forum. Just wanted to see if you guys ordered from them.
  2. i order from attitude around 15 a seed and ship option's..never fail me...and cheap
  3. this was for 10 fem seeds for 20 usd
  4. We have to be very careful when ordering seeds. Research of the company and breeder are vital in getting the genetics we want.

    There seems to be a rash of new resellers lately. Current laws do not regulate the ethics of these resellers, or even the breeders for that matter. There is a market out there which deals in bulk seeds from breeders/seed producers in Spain and Holland. These seeds are often purchased and repackaged in the breeders packs. GHSC did this for several years after 1998 when Shantibaba left the company; other companies are very well known for this as well.

    When dealing with female seeds and auto-flowering strains, we must remember they are both extremely popular which means MOST breeders/seed producers are trying to these types of seeds & strains for more sales....more profits. There are many places which do not breed their own strains or even produce their own seeds, even more are sellng what are known as non-bred strains which are just female seedsproduced from chemical reversal of a popular strain. We are seeing more companies like this all the time.

    IMHO, buying seeds can be an investment. As with any investment does it not make sense to research and make sure your investment is secure and will produce the rewards you are seeking?
  5. very solid post. this guy knows what hes talking about.
    only gonna add 1 last thing..
    Being an investment, you get what you pay for when you spring for the higher priced seeds from well respected breeders.. (which you'll find out who they are after doing some searchin -- won't have to look far, the most reputable ones are mentioned in almost all posts)
  6. First, thank you for the positive words, it is appreciated.

    OP: If you research some of the breeders offering auto-flowering strains, you would see not one sells them for that price. Often the resellers, which those in countries like the US, have to depend on for their seeds sell them slightly higher priced than the actual breeder.

    Does this statement copied form the actual online store front sound odd to anyone besides me?

    How can all the seeds come from reputable seed banks, and in the very next sentence state they a "unique system which allows them to reproduce thousands".

    A quick breakdown of breeders. Breeders do produce literally 10's of thousands of seeds in each batch. If they are a reputable breeder, they test germination, growth characteristics, and assure sexual stability of both female and regular seeds. They then select the batches of seeds which produce well by the guidelines they set for quality. Some places are anal about this, others not so much. The seeds that do not make it into their breeder pack are sold wholesale by weight to wholesalers which in turn sell them to other less than reputable seed companies. The companies repackage these seeds in their own breeder packs nd resell them as their own strains.

    I see 2 possibilities here:

    1. They are a wholesaler which buys the seeds in bulk from reputable breeders, and now decided to resell these seeds themselves. In this case, we must remember most breeders have strict quality standards, so you are basically buying substandard seeds which the original breeder did not deem of good enough quality to be sold under their company/breeder name.

    2. They purchased seeds from these breeders/seed companies and then grew them out to reproduce seeds. In this case you will be dealing with F2 seeds which will show many differences in growth characteristics, phenotypes, and may begin to show the many recessive traits which result from crossing 2 very different strains. We have no idea of how they selected the parents for the F2 offspring, nor do we even know the seeds are what they say b/c F2's will seldom look and/or grow like the F1's.

    I cannot stress enough how careful a buyer must be in selecting the right source for seeds. It is a buyer beware market. Nothing, not one single law or regulation, bonds these seed producers and/or resellers to be honest. There is no "truth in advertising" regulation, if 2-3 months down the road we see we were duped, and the seeds are not what thy were claimed to be; what can we do? NOTHING!

    Forums like GC and the many others are vital. A handful of good press and feedback posts means squat IMHO. You may get what you paid for, but you need to take that exactly how it sounds; you may get your 10 seeds for $20, but they just may not be what you expected, and/or could end in less than favorable results.

    I'm placing a small order from this company. We shall see exactly what they are reall about. IF I GET MY SEEDS, I will grow them out and see if they are selling good genetics or just selling substandard bulk reject seeds.
  7. i got the jack herer an blues i got them fast :) i got some free ones :) i put 10 of each to germ and half of them poped in less than 24h the rest over the next 2 days and only 2 were duds they rooted fast and are on there way up:hello: good coms no probs it all looks good from where i stand:D see how they go i also got 2 jack an two super haze from c9 seeds to compare :smoke:
  8. I ordered 3 different femmed autos, got them and their free femmed ak47. Seems they are a nice bunch of people, except I was asked via email to:- "hi if i refund you from discreetseeds payment can you repay a diffrent account as i have limited funds in that account i will send you some extra for your trouble thanks", :confused: but so far, and I have done a couple of seeds of each the femmed autos, that they are not autos or femmed. I have one left that wasnt male or hermie but she has seeds and is 40"+ tall, 1 month into 12/12 (after 2 months 18/6 when I thought, shit this aint an auto, I need to change the lighting which is when the males and hermies showed themselves) and no thc crystals showng as yet. Dud? I shall wait and see:(
    The prices are too cheap to be believed????

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