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420 Campaign: Legallization of Marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. Ok, now im a lil high rite now, and i've been looking for one of my posts, but stumbled upon one where I was explaining why weed should be legal. Then I saw a post sayign that we should write to our senators and ppl like that. So I got an idea, power in numbers, government for the ppl, by the ppl rite? So like we should come up with some ideas to show our power, something that'll be done all across america, maybe the world all on one day, April 20th, 420, something should be done. Maybe everyone writing a letter to congress on that day, everyone taking one toke at 4:20 on April 20th outdoors so the whole world can smell it. Something that everyone will see, but can be done discreetly or without worries of authorities.
  2. yeah but i heard dat the law keeps weed illegal cuz they get so much money confeskating it!but i dont no im moving to amsterdam!!hehe
  3. actually we're wasting millions and millions trying to enforce it, which obviously fails miserably. so instead of enforcing prohibition of weed, they should regulate it which makes for harsher penalties for minors and supplying to minors, but also makes it legal to posses. Trust me, its easier to get bud in this country then budweiser underage.
  4. Being underage, you are very right about that last phrase that booze are harder to get than bud. As for the case of making marijuana legal, well it would be great but just imagine what would happen to society if everyone did it? Everyone may be happy, but everyone would be stupid as fuck stumbling around not really knowing whats going on...

    I'm not saying thats bad, but I'm saying that that is something that is counterproductive to a successful society. So whats the solution? Decriminilization of Marijuana with the same type of social recriminations as alcohol.

    This means that you can't just show up to work high, as you can't show up to work drunk. This is important to continue successfully.

    I hope that made sense, it probably didn't... back to my little metal pipe.

    peace and happy tokes
  5. well then again, u shouldn't work high in the first place. at my place, if u're caught high, u're in huge trouble because not only is it just as bad as being drunk to their standards, but its also illegal and some work places set up drug free environments and enforce by doing drug tests. Now if u're supervisor see's u high, its jus about worst then failing the drug test.

  6. uhhh... isn't it already like that (minus the happy of course)

    this statement excludes the people in which it does not apply
  7. yeah wouldnt it be tyte going to Texaco and saying yeah can i get two swisher sweets, a twenty sack please oh and 5 dollars on pump 3.oh that would be CLEAN!!!!
  8. Xplicit, I am completely behind you. I send out e-mails and letters to our reps. on a regular basis and I agree that it has to be more than decriminalization. As more and more people get involve, I think we will get closer to our goal. I think that everyone doing it on a specific day is a great idea.

    I don't see that our society would be filled with stupid stumbling stoners. Most of the people I hang out with are extremely smart and their intelligence is enhanced by getting high. I just think that the idea that all stoners get stupid when they get high is somewhat stereotypical. In fact, I know it is. So many people have done amazing things while high...some writers compose their very best stuff while stoned.

    What's counterproductive to our society are the laws prohibiting marijuana that turn peaceful people into criminals just because they get high. There is so much more involved with this that decriminalization won't be enough. It will be an amazing step to what we are really after which is a complete lift of the prohibition that is not only on marijuana but on hemp, too. Our economy could be boosted if it were legal to cultivate and harvest hemp.

    The cops could go after REAL criminals and actually put them in jail instead of letting them off easy because there's NO room in the jails since stoners are packed in them for what is usually bullshit possession.

    I agree that you shouldn't go to work high, but you also shouldn't lose your job because you sometimes smoke a joint in your own home after work...even if you did it on weekends, you'll lose your job if they test you and you could be completely in your right mind at work every single day. It doesn't's long as it is, there's that risk.
  9. exactly. I've been able to figure out things when I was high as well. But the real matter is this, arrests for possession is very pointless. In fact, some places don't even require an arrest for possession of alcohol underaged, but arrest for possession of weed no matter how mature someone is. I think one of the main problems is that the stereotypes of weed users is stoners, usually seen as dumb people who work shitty jobs and lives in a shitty house and are always dumb. THIS ISN"T TRUE U F"CKIN DEMOCRATS! Like RMJL, I know many smart ppl that use the herb as recreational use. I myself enjoy it over alcohol because it's more safe for my body.

    Also law enforcement should be done on real criminals. I believe if u were to arrest someone that's high, u might as well do the same to someone that is drunk. Last time I was arrest for an unrelated charge, a few stoners were brought in. The proseccesssing officer was bitching about why do cops bring in these stoners, their just wasting my time. and the cop was talking all pro weed and saying that stoners shouldn't be brought in like this.

    Also legalization would also bring hemp, which has many uses. Ford once developed a car that was able to use hemp oil as fuel, which means a renewable natural resource. There are so many uses and that can as well boast our economy,

    As for now, Navada should legalize, as the nation will see the difference in a place that has marijuana legal. Sort of a test, to see how crime rates differ, underage drug possession rates, etc. Obviously we all know the result will be in favor of us and the domino effect
  10. yeah i agree that they should have a "test" of legalization to see how well or bad it goes,but they should do that to texas cuz ya no-we tha tru smokers!
  11. There are so many pros and cons bout weed..
    Weed has alwaysbeen illegel cuz in the 14th centrury the Cathloic church said it was a satanic plant and that only witches and people like that used it so when govt came into place throughtout the world many countries followed this theroy. Now im not dissin the church cuz im catholic to but thats the biggest reason for it being illegal. In researsh and in jus plain ol' sense get two people give one a bunch of beer and give the other one a Jizzoint, and see who could drive a car,walk a straight line, or even piss straight. Thats right cuz its not only harder to do things drunk than stoned but in health factors its worse(big reason i think US should legalize it) because compare to drinkin everyday and smokin every day which would be worse? exactlly the booze. Alchohol effects your liver ashit load worse than weed does to your lungs(easy solution buy a vaporizer,cuz the tar in the smoke is the main reason our lungs get messed up with time) Your liver gets eatin away so easly than lungs do with smoke. One thing is for sure that our senators wont do shit for us young people smokin so we gotta atleast wait till were 18. I think the govt shouldnt really leagalize it but rather make it to a point where we could do it but we cant smoke it in public or whatever and like make the amount of pecssion legaly like an oz. If the US would do this For SUre everyother country would toooo. COme on America. To all you old people that are over 18 do something for us lil people.
  12. There are so many reasons to legalize marijuana and/ or hemp that if I tried to list them all right now it would take forever. I do agree though that something needs to happen in this country because obviously the "war on drugs" is the only counterproductive factor in marijuana use. If you guys are interested I have a website that has some marijuana and hemp facts (soon to be updated with more). It's
    There is also this website called where you sign up for free and you earn "tokes" by surfing informational and charitable sites. A lot of the articles on it are really informative and you can get free stuff with the "tokes" you earn. If anyone does register use me as a referral (skylor420) because I get second hand tokes and I'm well on my way to a free bong...
    Don't get me wrong though, I'm not using this as an excuse to plug some shit but these are sites I think you guys would enjoy.
  13. One thing I forgot to mention was that on that website there are links to e-mails to send to senators and state reps concerning medical marijuana, decriminalization of marijuana, and the like.

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