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Discussion in 'General' started by DaZe Eboy, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. nice video i cant wait till 420
  2. cool enough, thanks for the link. :hello:
  3. great video to end the night with, thanks for that one, i'm gonna hit the sack. !
  4. nice :) you can tell he's stoned by the way he stumbled in the beginning and stuff :p

    or he's permanently retarded, who knows
  5. it pisses me off how the abc lady wouldnt give him a respectful look like he was an actual human being. She just looked at him like he was a fucking joke. In spite of this recent anger, I am going to subscribe to High Times tomorrow ^-^
  6. i didnt know thats where 4/20 came from! quite interesting and entertaining. i really wanna get high times or CC... also, what was the last song they played in the video?
  7. Did the reporter say "signification"? Is that a word?
  8. HAha i thought that shit was funny as hell!
  9. I fucking loved the smoke a J, smoke a blutn, buy a pipe, clean your old bong.

    dude i need to find a way to download this vid for sure.

    thanks for the link and if anyone can find a way to get me the file on my comp without using a streaming recording program +k
  10. sig·ni·fi·ca·tion [​IMG] (s[​IMG]g[​IMG]n[​IMG]-f[​IMG]-k[​IMG][​IMG]sh[​IMG]n)n.1. The established meaning of a word.
    2. The act of signifying; indication.
  11. i don't think he is a very good representative for mj decriminalization. he looks like a burned out hippy. did you see what he was wearing (especially for being interviewed on national television)?

    if the prolegalization movement is going to go anywhere, we need a much more professional looking and eloquently speaking representative.
  12. very true

    plus, whats the last song they play? its on the tip of my tounge..
  13. welcome to jamrock by damien marley

  14. haha he was a burnt out hippy, he was goofy, i don't understand why he wants us to be quiet for a little on 420? whats the moment of silence for, someone explain
  15. "hug your plant, hug your dealer, hug your dog, buy a new pipe, clean your own bong"

    thats my 4/20 right there.

    Haha strawberry pipe.

    That guy takes marijauan use way to seriously. It isn't a fuckin' religion or holidy. It's just a bunch of people who like to smoke some reefer.

    REP + cause you made me laugh.

  16. It is for some. Why not? There is a Church of THC.

    Religion can be whatever someone chooses it to be. Hell, if you can put down being a Jedi as your religion(if it works for you. Then sweet) why can't someone worship the Cannabis plant. Worship, and smoke it.

    *click click* :smoking:
  17. I'd be against that.

    Religion suggests some kind of creation, some kind of sentient diety, afterlife.

    A religion based around a simple plant is more a form of pegan tenants than an actual faith.
  18. Rasta. I edited my post. Check it/.
  19. just because you like something alot doesn't make it a religion.

    That means i could be a religious follower of mayonaise if i wanted. Sure i COULD but that doesn't make it legitimate.

    My bigger beef is that he makes marijuana users sound like some kind of occult group of non-christian which is just going to seperate us more from 'normal' people.

    It's like peddling backwards to get to the top of a hill. Sure he is trying, but it ain't doing any good.

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