42" x 24" x 36" / 400w HPS / 3 chamber grow box

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by hippie john, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. it doesnt have all the peices at the moment but its completly air tight.


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  2. open...

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  3. ventilation tube coming from the mothers chamber into the flowering chamber

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  4. Very creative. Looks like you've been busy.

    But 36x24x36? Isn't that a bit tiny? Don't most people say you need at least 4ft for flowering? After you hang ur lights and stuff u won't have very much space in there at all.
  5. its meant for a scrog, which can be grow in as little as 24" of height. this box hasnt had a grow in it yet, but it will this winter. it had a 150w HPS, but i'm gonna put in a 400:D.
  6. What is a scrog never heard that before. I rekon you could do a bit of traning in that and get a fat compact plant only 1 but it is so short.
  7. Scrog is grwoing with a screen.The idea is to train the plant to grow below a chickenwire screen to grow flat. then when you flower iyou make it stretche across the remaining screen then let it grow up. What you get is basicly a flat table of cigar sized buds (or a bit bigger/smaller). It maximizes light distribution and boost the grow room effecinecy up alot. its by gar the most effective meathod for small light grows because they dont penetrate much.


    Nice Box John! i think that 150w would do best in there. If you want to make the most of that 400w make a bigger box for flower only and use the mom box in the other box. What kind of soil or hydro system will you be using.
  8. i would have shown you but i didnt have tha camera at the time;):(
  9. well, i've decded to start work on this little lady again.

    i went to lowes today and bought some stuff.

    like this fan, I have no idea what CFM rating it has, but it moves alot of air. it also has a built in thermostat, so you can set it to turn on and off depending on the temperature.

    onn sale for $25

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  10. i also got a 6 outlet power strip for $3. and went to petsmart and got an air pump for the bubbler for $20. it operates like 6 air stones. but as you all know, i dont use your standard airstones, i make homemade ones, like this guy did --->http://www.overgrow.com/edge/showthread.php?threadid=327689


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  11. heres a better picture of the old noisey dayton that used to be installed in there.

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  12. well, i think i might start workin on putting a hood and drawer in this one like the one in my sig. might have to plug up afew holes, but i think it might work out ok. gotta finish the bubbler and screen setup in the other one first, to get a crop going.:)
  13. Utility room: 11" x 24" x 13"
    Mother room: 11" x 24" x 22"
    Flower room: 30" x 24" x 36"

    Light: 400w remote ballast HPS.
    Light Ventilation: 2 12v comp. fans for air cooled hood.
    Box Ventilation: 1 - 3 12v comp. fans.

    5 sq. ft. of screen area.... for average yeild of 5 - 10oz (depends on genetics, outside temps, and fert problems)

    either soil (wick system accually) or a newly designed DWC AeroMister (my own design, patent pending). using only organic nutrients.
  14. And were off! :D
  15. yeah:D

    any advice with superthrive... this is my firsst attempt at using it...
  16. Never used it before. I dont think your suposed to put a whole cap, usualy i hear people using afew drops per gallon??
    To keep it simple i would just use water and a pinch or small glop if using gell of rooting hormone so you have a weak solution of rooting hormone. You dont want the plant to be growing much while rooting, mabey in 4-6 days when the roots come out you can throw a bit of superthrive in there. But until then i would adviswe to keep it simple.

  17. but ive heard of people using it with seedlings etc. and its a root growth stimulator.... but then again maybe it needs roots before they can be stimulated:D

    if this bath gets sickly looking i'll go back to the good ol rootone meathod:)

  18. hey hippie john.what do you do when you have five plants growing in a small cup.and two more plants in another cup.when do you move them.how big do they have to be.write me back........................brandi633
  19. the 5 plants in one small cup, might as well just kill em, cause their roots are probably that entangled that you'll never get em apart... but the 2 in one cup, try and seperate out the roots without damaging too many of them, and plant em in seperate larger containers....
  20. Go with the superthrive John, it rocks......... my plants doubled in size in three weeks once I started using it, don't get me wrong it wasn't all down to it but it certainly helped

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