40mg oc's

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Linath, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. I have only taken oxy in forms of percs so i just popped them. Recently I found a way to get 40mg oc's like in this picture, can you just crush them up and blow them or is the yellowish color a coating around it? do you have to take the coating off before you snort it, or what?


  2. you can blow them. The coating doesnt really hurt that much but if you really hate it you can just use your fingernail and scratch it off with your fingernail. Also nice yellow glocks!

  3. Haha thanks, the coating doesnt bother me that much, was just wondering. And those aren't yellow glocks, those are asterisks!! Some of the cleanest MDMA pills I've ever eaten
  4. Love me some OC, Iv'n is the best used of your money, but most people, including myself, arent into that. If you want a longer lasting high just pop em, but if you want it to hit hard and fast but not last as long, take em to tha dome! Enjoy!

  5. I've only done OC twice and both times were about four months ago so I basically have no tolerance, I'm plannin on blowin like 15-20mg and seein how that goes

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