400W, Super Lemon Haze, Scrog (3x2 Cabinet, 2 Plants)

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    First grow
    Plants - Super lemon haze, Feminized, Green house seeds
    Box - 3' x 2' x 4' 9"
    Soil -  Fox farm ocean forest / 25% Perlite
    Ventilation -  150cfm 6" inline fan / 6" intake hole
    Lights - 400w dimmable ballast/ HPS bulb / Cooltube
    Nutrients - Fox farm organic trio liquid
    Training - Scrog, 8" from medium, 2"x 3" squares
    Interior - emergency blanket
    Day 32
    - whats up blades, this is my first grow attempt and im hoping to get everything right. Ive been lurking for years and finally have the opportunity to do it. Hows it look? im looking for some advice on when i should induce flowering, i understand its probably when the sceen is almost full but i could see that taking a few more weeks. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    Buddah is the Spirit guide for plant 1 - Hemmingway. my girfriend did named the plants and assigned these statues, even though i told them they were girls)
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    Second plant, named Tesla. 
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    Some harware. 150 cfm inline duct fan and 400w dimmable ballast from ipower
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