400W MH/HPS. LST. Bagseed.

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  1. Hello all,
    I've decided to start a grow journal. I did the paper towel method. I always have success with it. I germinated one seed to see if the seeds were viable. I put in 16oz cup with soil. It just chilled in my room. I moved and now able to give it the right light.
    I had it under 13w CFL. Grew pretty well under it. I ordered a tent. 2x3x5 feet. A fan, S&P TD Series Inline Fan. For 5 inch round duct - 197/149 cfm. I ordered a 400w mh/hps. i received it last friday. Setup it and turned it on. I don't have the tent or fan yet, so naturally its frickn' hot. 90 F. Turned it off. resumed CFL. Put a A/C in my room. Now with the door cracked its 78F.
    The original plant was planted 8/22. I germinated 3 more seeds last week. I know i won't be able to fit 4 plants. Probably just 3 LST plants. I put the new sprouts on two 13w cfl. one daylight and the other warm. They're doing good. about 2-3 inches. Now under the MH. I have a fan blowing into the cooltube. Ghetto fan from walmart. With door closed, i can't hear it if i have my oscillating fan on low setting.
    I want to try cloning and maybe have a mother plant. I'll have the make something for it. something cheap and use CFL. I'm going to get a camera. I used my webcam in my laptop. Some pictures for now.

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  2. Hey man, good luck with the plants. I just started my grow around the same time as yours. Have you thought about fimming with the 4 way LST? there is a pretty good tutorial on it somewhere around here, thats the way I'm going about it this time. Definately looks more effective and a bit more uniform.

    Keep postin! I'm interested in how this turns out

    PS. What are yo using for a soil mix?
  3. hello,
    I'm just trying LST first, then i will try more advanced techniques. I went to a store around here that sold foxfarm products. i thought maybe that would have soil. nope. just fertilizers. big bloom and all that stuff. Theres another place around that i have to try. For now i'm using plain potting soil. scotts, i believe. Its has high nitrogen content. I ultimately want foxfarm.
    Just checked up on my plant. The one thats tied down, its perking up towards the light. Amazing really. I'll update with pictures hopefully in a couple days. take it easy.
  4. just bought a digital camera. My landlord told me the building inspector should be by today or tomorrow. hopefully so i can get on my way to setting up my tent, which should be on its way. hopefully. I went to walmart and picked up a rubbermaid container to put the plants in. I placed everything in the container. the mh/hps i took down and put it away for now.
    i was moving the cfl light and two wires touched. now i have no power in my room. my landlord has access to the breakerbox. now i have to wait until they come home. it sucks. oh well. here are some pictures. just testing the camera out for now.

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  5. crappy update. The lights wont turn back on in my room and some sockets around the house. we tried flipping the switches in the breakerbox. now my landlord has to have a electrician come out and look at the problem tomorrow. super! house inspector and electrician coming into my room. grow is on hold for the next 2-3 days, possibly at most if the electric is really bad. still waiting for the tent anyways. the plants are in complete darkness. i opened the lid throughout the day to get some light. ok. thats all for now.
  6. sorry to hear about your luck bro, hopefully theyll get the electricity situation taken care of quickly. ill be keeping an eye on this tho
  7. The building inspector came and went. Probably was here for 1 minute, for real, and left. I guess he was just checking up on past code infractions. my landlord said the electrician will most likely come friday. i'm just happy the whole house has power for the most part.
    The plants have been sitting in dark for awhile now. i ran an extension cord and hooked up the lights. i found an extra lamp. i guess someone left it behind. i put a 13 watt daylight cfl in it. it focused on the three small plants. they were looking kind of sad. the one was tipped over and weak. the others leafs were limp. so i decided to put a lamp on it and put paperclips and string to hold the weak ladies up. i rehooked up my small pc fan. here are quick pictures. will update probably tomorrow. still waiting for the tent.

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    Hey man definitely subscribed. Looking to go LST on my next grow and need all the tips and pointers I can get.
    Glad to hear you got power back and light back on those girls!:hello::hello:
  9. i don't know what strain they were. they were mids. nothing special. oh, i only have half power in my house. when the power blew out, only half the house was affected. i'm just running an extension cord from another room.
    i was just messing around and decided to hookup my S&P fan. its 197/149 cfm. high and low setting. i had to wire it. it doesn't come plug in right out of the box. theres a super simple guide online. i don't know rules about posting to other sites or forums. so i wont even go there. just google it. i'm surprised how quiet it is. about the noise level of a medium size oscillating fan on low setting. its pretty powerful even on low setting. cost me about 98 bucks shipped. will update soon.
  10. mini update. still waiting on electrician. landlord said he should come around 3:30. its 4:30. so, yeah. I called the company that i bought the tent from. they said they sent me the tent yesterday. the dude said i would probably get it there monday/tueday. so, it will most likely be here wednesday. :D the dude was nice enough to not charge me shipping. saved 20 bucks. nice.

    the temperature has dropped around my area. its 75 F outside. fall is coming. awesome. i have one of those wireless digital thermometer. it was about 10 bucks. should of got one with a humidity display. maybe i will later. will update later.

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  11. hello,
    nothing really special going on. the plants are now under the cfl all the time. they are doing well. i hooked up the fan to the 400w and hooked up the ducting for it. the fan moves air really well. and quiet. i put it on low setting. high was too much. just wanted to test it out. the temps got into the high 80's. i really hope i don't have a heat issue when i setup the tent and everything. i'll probably retie the bigger plant tonight or tomorrow morning.
    the only thing thats making me anxious is that my landlord will sometimes come and ask to see the sockets or something else in my room. theres extension cords running into my closet. tried to hide it best i can. my landlord is really nice, don't want any trouble. ok. the little ones are doing great. they were looking sad for awhile. put the 13w cfl and now they are perking up. i decided to hook up the fan. might as well use it. plus its not that loud. here are some pictures for now.

    mini update. just as i was writing this, the landlord called. electrician will be here at 8:30 tomorrow. so i'll wake up around 6:30 and put the stuff away. take care.

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  12. hello,
    for anyone who cares. the electricians are here. they can't find the problem. they said they need to find the splice box. i live in an converted attic. the wires in the house are OLD. they said the splice box is likely to be in the walls. shit. he said they would have to knock down the walls. this problem isn't in one room. holy crap. i asked if he could just rewire a socket in my room. he didnt really answer me. feeling a little guilty. if he doesn't fix this problem, i will consider moving. its embarrassing having extension cords all over the house. will have to see what they say in the end. will keep updated.
  13. ok ok. the electricians left. they will be back later sometime. not today, but when they have free time. it might take awhile. i don't think they ever found the splicebox. my landlord said they will just splice some other wires and hook them up to the sockets. they still need to check the wires and make sure there isn't any "hot wires." my landlord told me its not my fault, that the wires are really old in the house. the past tenant had issues also with the hair dryer always blowing the circuit. makes me feel a little bit better. he told me that he will call me a day before the guys come, just so i know. nice.
    I put the extension cords under the carpet. you can't tell that they are even there. runs right into the closet. i decided after they fix the sockets, i will probably put the tent somewhere else. in my big closet in the living room, theres a back space. its pretty deep. also, its starting to smell when i open the closet door in my room. its not really strong, but i know in the coming weeks it will get only stronger. i can't smell it when the door is close. enough with my rambling. here are some pictures of the hidden closet.

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  14. i'm pretty upset/angry right now. tent comes 3 weeks later. not even the right one. its the small version. mother keeper? no instructions included. the box says the right one i ordered. its just not in the box. what a waste of time. jesus. the people were very friendly and are going to send me a shipping label to send it back. i really don't want to say the company who did this. now i have to look for another tent. the dimensions of my closet is 24x40x72 inches. i was so forward to looking to setting this up and moving on! damnit. ifi don't get a tent in a week, i'll probably shut it down. anyone have any recommendations for a tent?
  15. ok. i setup the grow in the back of my closet in the living room.testing the temperatures and what not this afternoon i was chilling and the temperature was a steady 84.4 degrees. i came home later. plugged in the light, sp fan and hooked up the venting tube to outside the tent. its now around 90 degrees. i turned on the a/c. still 90 degrees. i even aired out the grow room to make sure there was no heat hanging around. the living room is 80 degrees now with the a/c. i setup a fan to blow air in. guess what. the temperature went up! it was 92 degrees. i feel i'm losing my mind. all the tubings are connected. sp fan is on high setting. the room doesn't feel hot. its so weird. i even put a regular thermometer in there to make sure the digital one was not messing up. it was only 1 degree difference. i don't know what to do. if i buy a tent, i feel it will only become an oven.
    i forgot, i made a carbon filter. this one. i set it up. the temperature sky rocketed to 98 degrees. the sp fan was on high. i could feel heat coming out the vent. it wasn't strong. strong enough to blow out a lighter when lit. it feels hopeless right now. i know i could do a cfl grow. but i already bought all the equipment and don't want the hassle of having to return it.
    also, how do people have the fans setup? mine is light>fan>vent tubing to outside grow room. i have a regular fan in there moving air also.
    i would really appreciate any help from anyone. temp is rising. now 91. damn. :mad:
  16. Try one fan sucking air in toward the bottom and one fan exhaust blowing it out near the top or across the lamp (heat rises). This, along with the fan blowing inside should help circulate the air and make it cooler.

    I'm setting up my cab with cfl's and computer fans in the same manner, but the idea is the same. Hopefully I can go bigger after my first experiment.

    If my wifey allows it...:)
  17. i have the duct tubing blowing toward the top of the room and an opening at the bottom. i noticed that the grow space is always 8-10 degrees hotter than the surrounding room. so, i know to keep the outside room as cool as possible. i now need to figure out the odor solution. is there some type of gel, i think its called ona or something. does it work? thanks
  18. From the threads I've read, most people prefer the carbon filter/can fan method for odor. You can buy the carbon scrubber, or make one yourself.

    Just do a quick search for it and you'll find some different solutions.
  19. hello,
    update. i rerigged everything. have duct hose coming from outside the grow room pulling air into the cool tube and vent hosing going out to outside room. intake hose is on the bottom and output is on top. temps have stabilized. the temp inside grow room is 78.4. outside room 73. i repotted the small plants except one. ran out of soil. :D will make a run to the depot and pick up stuff.
    i'm going to make a carbon can scrubber tomorrow. Easy to Build DIY Carbon Filter - Marijuana Growing
    seems simple enough. hopefully it will work. if i can get this to work, i will buy a grow tent. most likely this one. Hydroponic Grow Tent 36"x20"x63" - GYO Supplies
    any objections to this one? would like to hear if anyone does.

    off topic, sort of. i received a letter from the cable company regarding illegal transfer of torrent material. now i wonder if they are watching this or what not. kind of paranoid now. i have pictures i want to post, but i'm hesitant to post them. what do you guys think? thanks!
  20. I wrote this on the 28th, but never posted it. here it is. i will update current situation in the reply.

    Hello all,
    Sorry for the lack of updates. There was nothing really to update. I built the carbon filter for my grow. I don't know if it really works yet. My current grow spot has a lot of holes and the smell escapes. To see if the carbon filter worked, I took a candle and blew it out in the grow room. I saw the smoke being sucked right into the filter. I didn't smell the smoke outside the room. So, I have confidence it will work. I bought a grow tent. It should come Monday. I'm going to put it in the same spot. Seems to work well there.i also bought some ona gel. Just in case it starts to smell. I won't use it unless the smell gets out of hand. Emergency usage.
    I hooked up the filter to the cooltube and the cooltube vents outside the room. The inline fan is about 200 cfm. The guy who built the filter (on his thread) used only a 60 cfm fan and he said it worked well for him. I can put my hand on the cooltube for about 20 seconds before it starts to before uncomfortable. The light can be about 12 inches from the plants and seems ok. I left my hand under the light for about 2-3 minutes to make sure they were ok. It was fine.
    On with the ongoing ordeal. My landlord said the electricians will be coming wed or thur. it was starting to smell in my living room. I don't think people could tell, but I did and that's enough for me. Plus, I don't know where these guys are going to be poking there heads to rewire the place. I placed the plants back in the tote container. They have the cfl on them, just so they don't go into total darkness. One of the plants, I couldn't fit into the tote. Its in another tote, but with no light. It's the smallest one. The plants seem ok. Probably depressed going from 400w to a couple of cfl. Hehe. Here are some pictures of the setup before I took it down.
    p.s. I took some pictures of some fan leaves that looked discolored at the tips. I'm know its not from being under the 400w mh. They occurred while under the cfl. Thank you!

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