400w hps too close?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Jimbilly2, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. OK so I have been running some tests in my tent before I start a new crop. I have a 400w air cooled HP's that is also acting as the extactor for the tent itself(only one exhaust fan). Now I can get my thermometer 3 inches from the reflector glass,about 6-6.5 inches from the actual bulb, and my temps are no more than 83f. I know that's a little warm but here's my question. Would the extra light from it being that close make it ok for a temp of 83, or should I back off until I get around 75-78?Also I do not add co2 or anything and I'm in FFOF+perlite nothing special.

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  2. You want to check your canopy temp. Not your light. I dont go higher then 80. My Strawberry og cant go above 75... depends.. But measure on the canopy.
  3. I think it will be fine. I always put my lights as close as possible, and extra light will be ok. I usually put a temp lead on the buds to get a bud top reading, and always keep plenty of air flow within the tent. We know some days it gets hotter than 83, so it should be fine. I hope this helps
  4. That is temp at the canopy, my thermometer hangs directly under the hood by a piece of string. The sensor to the thermo is 3 inches from the glass,which is where the canopy would be.I will just make sure to keep the canopy in the 70's even if I have to raise the light. Thanks for the help medicalmonster

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