400W HPS Light, Skunk 1# , Organic, Review

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  1. Hi everyone I am posting this thread to show you my plant and receive some tips and help from better growers.
    It is my first grow, I am growing in my closet , i didnt have space enought to make a normal grow which is the plant is vertical and the light is above the plant , so i am growing in 45º (pictures) , it is growing really well i think i had some problems but they are fixed allready, first one was light stress, the bulb was too close to the leaves , the second : i researched and a lot of people said that urine was good to give nitrogen to the plant so i used it but i end up with pH issues, i just used it one time, and the third : i was pulverizing the leaves with water and tiny holes were appearing i researched about it and people said that it was the light reflects on the water and let that to happean.
    I germinated my seed and planted on 15 March, on the first week i was using a really bad bulb and i know it , but i was waiting my HPS to arrive, i was using 15W CFL , my plant was really strechy like it was expected.
    24 March i started to use my HPS 400 W , and she started to grow really good.
    I topped my plant at the 4th node which was at 4 April.

    Do you think it is everything okay with my grow? Advices?Thank you everyone! View attachment 3654033 View attachment 3654029 View attachment 3654030 View attachment 3654031
  2. Hey there
    Seems ok, yeah, please don't use urine, there's lots of other ways to feed your plants,
    What kind of soil are you using and how's ur ventilation,
  3. I am using a normal soil with perlite, my closet is well ventilated i have 2 openings and a big fan inside, my temperature is always between 24 ºC and 30ºC

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