400w HPS Indoor Ice Grow

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  1. EDIT: I had to make a new account and will not be using the other one anymore. If you are unsure who I am, I will PM you and let you know.

    Strain: Ice / Ice 2000 (Both names are the same strain.)
    Seed Store: www.seedboutique.com
    Breeder Company: Nirvana
    Environment: Closet
    Air Circulation: Multiple oscillating fans & possibly computer fans added later.
    Lighting: 400w HPS w/ 18'' reflector
    Grow Medium: Unfertilized potting soil mixed with perlite.
    Veg Nutrients: Will be updated at a later date.
    Flowering Nutrients:
    Will be updated at a later date.

    1st Entry - 4/17/06

    Hello, everyone. Welcome to my first grow journal. I ordered a pack of 10 Ice seeds. They are very plump & they appear to be very healthy and fresh. I do not have city water. My tap water comes from a well. I usually microwave it for around 20-30 seconds and let it sit out for a while to kill off any harmful particles in it. It seems to be clean enough for me, and my last plant had no problems with it. (R.I.P. She was growing strong and healthy, but got taken away from me. :()

    I started off soaking my 10 seeds in a shot glass filled with lukewarm water. The glass rested on top of my computer monitor to absorb warmth.
    After slightly over 2 hours all seeds swelled up with enough water to sink. After 12 hours all seeds cracked open, and they were then placed inbetween thick layers of moist paper towels inside of a sealed tupperware container. The tupperware container also rested on top of the computer monitor for warmth. Within about 12 more hours the tap roots have poked out and began to grow, different seeds' roots ranging from 1/4th an inch to 1/2th an inch. 100% germination. :hello:

    I am letting them continue to germinate for the next 5-6 hours because I feel that some of them still need to get a little longer and I have to go out for a while. When I come home tonight, I will plant them in a nice, dark all purpose potting soil, which is mixed with perlite and contains no nutrients. I have a decent digital camera, which actually takes very nice pictures when using the Close-Up feature, and I will be taking many pictures along the way & updating regularly.
    I hope you all enjoy the journal and wish me luck with my sprouts. ;)

  2. sounds good so far. Ice is a very nice strain too. Just make sure you dont mess up cause thatd be a sad day.

    GL ill be watching this 1
  3. is that b.c.buds,,,, ice,,,,, just curios,, i see that strain there,,,its suppose to be one crystellized bitch,,,,, ill be watching,,,,, one of the strains i had my eye on
  4. I've heard of the b.c. buds, but I don't know what they are. sorry.

    A bit about the ice strain:

    Ice is a selected pheno out of a Skunk Special X White Widow cross, back in '96. She was selected out of 500 females, because she had best of both sides. The enormous buds of the Skunk Special, the trich coverage and power of the White Widow, with an Indica look.

    During the High times Cup of '98, the highest THC-levels were measured in the Ice. (published in Weed World). Years of backcrossing and cubing have been spent to stabilise this cross towards the first pheno-type. Even a little bit of Blue Berry was crossed in and stabilised again. She smells like a diesel (fuel) and the flowering period is 8 weeks.

    I'm definitely excited. :D
  5. All have been planted.

    Will update soon when I start to see sprouts.
  6. Ahhh, all 10 are sprouting. *claps* :hello:

    Not all of them have straightened up yet, but they have all popped out of the soil and about half of them have already ditched the seed shell casing. I'm ready to get this grow underway. :D

    I've been stealth-ifying the closet while waiting for them. I did some pretty crazy things involving taping many black garbage bags together and then onto clothes hangars to block light from leaking out the cracks on the sides of the closet. I lined the sliding door part with garbage bags as well to cover up small holes on the outside where posters used to be held with pins. Besides the stealth, this will also help the area stay light-tight when going into flowering later.

    The ballast is hidden very nicely. I put down a mesh plastic crate to set the ballast on, then another similar crate on top of this... plenty of air flow so it doesn't get too hot, and it's on thick plastic so it won't start any fires. Then, I have shoeboxes surrounding and covering the crates in the corner of the closet.

    I've got everything ready except for what to use for reflecting light at the plants. I don't think I want to spring for mylar... so, I'm thinking about getting about 5 of those tri-fold white poster boards that kids in school would use for science projects. They're a solid white on one side and I could easily circle them around the plants. We'll see.

    Hopefully in the next day or two I'll have some pictures up of my babies. :smoking:

    P.S. - I just noticed it's a little bit after midnight, so it's now April 20th. Happy 4/20! I'm gonna go hit the gravity bong. Smoke on! :bongin:
  7. High Hero! AM I too late? (The Freak pulls up a LazyBoy and loads the Roor triple chamber). here pass this around.

    I'm planning an Ice grow this summer can't wait to see yours. I also bought my seeds form Nirvana.

    peace bro
  8. Hey, bro. Thanks for stopping by my thread. Awesome about the Ice. Good luck with your grow. If I get too many females out of this I might not have room. I'm not sure. I might only have room for about 4 females to flower. If I have 5 or 6 I might go take them outside to this remote sunny as hell area I found where there are actually wild tomatoes growing all by themselves. A friend's grandparent's private property that nobody has been in for years... perfect. :D

    Sidenote: Hahahaha, I feel weird as hell saying the word Ice so much. It's a slang word for meth... I sound like a fucking tweaker. :laughing:
  9. *sigh*

    The HPS was putting off too much heat and I think two of the babies have been burned to death. :(

    I'm letting them start outside now until the leaves are out. I hope the rest of them manage :/
  10. byummer about the burned plants. I'm a bit worriede about heat as well. It was 95 in my growroom yesterday. It seems to help the trichs grow though. Sounds like you ahve an awesome place to grow! I'm very jealous. Have you eaten any of the tomatoes? I bet they are incredible! I love homegrown tomatoes.

    peace bro
  11. No, I haven't eaten any of the tomatoes. I don't like the taste of uncooked tomatoes :p

    I think I'm going to order another bag of nirvana seeds from seed boutique. Right now I'm looking at Misty and the Nirvana Special. Nirvana Special is a F1 Jock Horror crossed with another plant... I am interested in this one, because seedboutique doesn't have the regular Jock Horror. Other ones I might consider are Super Skunk, K2, Snow White, and Chrystal.

    You guys should help me out. Which should do you think I should buy?
  12. EDIT: Okay, I might just delete this thread. I don't know what's up with the sprouts. They keep dying off. It's starting to make me pretty mad. I'm ordering new seeds incase I don't get anything out of these.

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