400w Closet Perpetual Grow Journal

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by creepz, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Well, construction has begun on our new perpetual system. We'll be running a 400w HPS in the flower chamber (22x44x48) with a S&P 290 cfm inline fan for ventilation of both the flower and the veg chamber, exhausting through the hps cooltube.

    Although the cab isnt done yet, and we still have plants flowering in our old setup (bathroom), we have gone ahead and cracked 1 Blackwater from Cali Connection and 1 Blue Dream bagseed from our very favorite sack this year thus far. They'll be getting started while we finish up construction in sunshine advanced #4. We have a batch of Subcools super soil cooking, so they'll dig that.

    This journal will have a weekly photo update on tuesday, where we'll show progress of the seedlings, as well as on the Grow cab. The first tuesday update will also feature some bud porn from the sensi star plant we plan to chop down within the next 3-5 days.... if we get around to doing that. This will be our first "all organic" grow using subcools super soil. Our next grow will most likely exclusively feature strains from TGA unless we happen to like either of these 2 enough to clone them out. I'll have pics up later of the seedlings, and of some cabinet schematics.

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