400W 3x3x6 first grow. documented from seed.

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    Whats up grasscity? I just got everything setup for my first grow and here's the run down:

    3x3x6 Secret Jardin DR90
    6" YieldMasterII air cooled reflector
    Lumatek 400w digital ballast MH/HPS (250w 250sl 400w 400sl)
    anyone have any comments about the super lumen feature?
    6'' EcoPlus inline fan


    Other side of 'T' connector is open for future carbon filter.

    Temperature currently 81-83 45%RH under 400w MH turned down to 250w on ballast.

    Planted 6 brand name bagseeds but I don't remember what the names were. The 3 on the right were a really good indica and the 3 on the left were various name brands. They honestly could be anything from bubba kush, champagne, pineapple, chemdog, cherry pie and I could keep going with that list or it could be the same as the 3 on the right.

    So what's up blades?
  2. Seeds haven't sprouted yet but I wanted some feedback on my set up. Currently I have my intake on the left and exhaust on top and my fan is behind the wall. I'm thinking of running the intake to a bathroom closet behind this closet and put the exhaust into a coat closet also behind this so that it will no longer look like I have a robot coming out of my closet.

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    Raised my light a few feet based on someone's advice.
  4. 3rd day since planting seeds. 1st day of growth. Very excited to see that they all came up!

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  5. Turned ballast to 250w SL last night. Finally got around to venting exhaust to a closet, can anyone say heated coat closet? (girlfriend loves it :hello: ) This really cleaned up my area and made room for a future mother/clone area. Already bought 5 gallon Lowes buckets and will be transplanting soon. Pictures included.

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  6. looks crazy nice im subed
  7. Awesome... subbed!!
  8. Thanks guys! I upped the ballast to 400w this morning and my temperatures have only increased a max. of 3*F so I think I've gotten the ventilation squared away. I'm hoping that I will have some quick growth in the next few days and I will have some more pictures up, probably Sunday, marking the 1 week mark since sprouting.

    Heading into town (a little over an hour drive) this weekend to visit the hydro store for a carbon filter to use when smell becomes an issue and also to pickup the FF trio: Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. I'll probably pickup a dope scope and pH meter as well to complete the trip.
  9. I may be onto something here fellas. I just stopped by Lowes and got a digital thermometer with an inside/outside feature. I just stuck the outdoor transmitter with my plants and I can check my temperatures without even getting out of my chair. Another useful thing is the high/low feature which keeps a running record of your highs and lows. It cost me $14 but cheaper versions were about $8. I choose the more expensive because of the large screen and the high/low feature.
  10. This looks nice man..im wanting to do the same except setup except maybe use the dr60 tent. Im in for the ride
  11. And this is a noob question but the ducting that connects to the light, are there fans inside or how does it work?
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    The fan is a 6" EcoPlus inline fan that is outside the tent completely. Exhaust runs to a coat closet and intake is just leaving the door open with ducting sitting in the doorway. Just sealed the exhaust where I cut the drywall through. The fan is pictured in my fifth post in this thread.

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  13. O alright I see now. Looks great man can't wait to see how they turn out
  14. My temperatures are topping out at 88*F right now, is this reason for concern? I don't want my babies to get too warm.
  15. It's a bit on the high side dude... rather be around 25C which is about 77F... 88 isn't too high but cooler would be better
  16. Temperatures sitting at a steady 84*F currently. Transplanted to buckets and one of the ladies didn't make it but I'm not too worried because they were a little crowded with 6 5 gallon buckets.

    Checkout the fat leaves on the first and second picture. I thought the leaves looked weird. Possibly an indica?

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  17. Sweet ventilation you've got there. When i own a place ill try something like that, i don't think the people that rent to me would like holes in there wall.
  18. I can guarantee the woman who rents to me wouldn't either, too bad shes literally 2,000 miles away ;). I have a pretty chill spot and I keep my neighbors happy so I would say I'm fairly lucky.
  19. Nice looking grow so far. We will be almost on the same track so I cant wait till they get bigger. I have almost the same exact setup as you except im venting outside. CAnt wait to see these girls get big 'ol tittys on them.
    Good luck on the grow man. Im subscribing!
  20. I think I may have some nute burn. 1.16Oz FF Grow Big in 5 gallons of water. Each were given 1/2gallon each because the soil was bone dry. Kept the other 2 1/2 gallons in a sealed Lowes bucket. The other plants didn't seem to have any burn and overall I think they all really liked it because I noticed results the next day.

    Nute burn?

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