400 watt MH/HPS Grow (and an outdoor grow!)

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    Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my grow. This will be my third attempt at an indoor grow, and this time I'm doing it right. I made a lot of mistakes during the last two attempts but was able to acquire some knowledge in the process. This will be my first attempt using feminized seeds, purchased from the Single Seed Centre (good experience, took almost a month to get but it wasn't their fault - also got two free feminized seeds).

    Anyone's comments or criticisms are greatly appreciated! Still haven't had a successful grow so I still have a lot to learn.

    Strain Information
    #1 - Blue Mystic\t\t\t
    Type:\tHybrid - Mostly Indica\t
    THC %: 15-20%
    Breeder: Royal Queen Seeds\t
    Estimated Flowering Time: 8/9 weeks
    #2 - Sour Diesel\t\t
    Type: Hybrid - 60% Indica/40% Sativa\t
    THC %: Unknown
    Breeder: Reserva Privada\t
    Estimated Flowering Time: 10 weeks\t\t
    #3 - White Widow\t\t\t
    Type: Hybrid\t
    THC %: ~20%
    Breeder: Royal Queen Seeds\t
    Estimated Flowering Time: 8/9 weeks\t\t
    #4 - Lemon Kush\t\t\t
    Type: Unknown\t
    THC %: Unknown
    Breeder: Female\t
    Estimated Flowering Time: 8/9 weeks

    Growing Environment
    Located: in an enclosed corner of a basement (not mine)
    Size: About 36"x36", about 6' high
    Ventilation: Currently have an intake booster fan, and an oscillating fan that I hang upside down
    Lighting Available:
    2 - 4 ft. fluorescent lights (1 cool white and 1 grow bulb)
    1 - 400 watt HPS Sun System II Enclosed Ballast Grow Light (was previously a 250 watt MH, but previous ballast failed so I upgraded to a higher wattage for this grow) - will be receiving tempered lens and air cooled fittings shortly.
    Walls: lined with styrofoam for it's reflectivity
    Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forest (+20% perlite)
    Nutrients: Jack's All Purpose (NPK: 20-20-20) for vegetative growth

    Current Status
    8/11/12 - all 4 seeds have germinated and are planted in soil, 2 of 4 seeds have sprouted already

    Future Plans
    4" Inline exhaust fan and carbon filter combo to cool my light and filter the air
    Selection - Seedlings will be started on the fluorescents for about a week, then switched to the 400 watt HPS with an MH conversion bulb for veg, 400 watt HPS bulb for flowering
    Photoperiod - Lights will run 18/6 for vegetative growth (4-8 weeks?), then switched to 12/12 for flowering (8-10 weeks)

    A yield about 2 oz per plant (hoping and thinking that this is not an unrealistic expectation)

    Pending... maybe December 2012/January 2013

    I also have some plants that started outside at the beginning of the season and some that started about midway through - pictures will be posted of this grow as well. Posts pertaining to the outdoor grow: 8/11/12
  2. Grow Journal
    Purchased 4 feminized seeds from Single Seed Center (also included 2 free feminized seeds):
    • #1 - Blue Mystic\t
    • #2 - Sour Diesel\t
    • #3 - White Widow\t
    • #4 - Lemon Kush\t
    • (FREE) 1 x MK Ultra
    • (FREE)1 x S.A.G.E.

    Received 6 seeds from Single Seed Centre\t
    Germinated 4 seeds using paper towel method (between paper plates in kitchen cabinet)

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  3. looks great!!!
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    Grow Journal
    Blue Mystic, Sour Diesel germinated - planted in Fox Farms Ocean Forest (20% perlite added) about 1/4" below top of soil, lights 2-3" away

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    Grow Journal
    Blue Mystic, Sour Diesel broke surface of soil - ~1" tall\t

    White Widow, Lemon Kush germinated, planted in FFOF (20% perlite added) about 1/4" below top of soil, lights 2-3" away

    Ventilation fan and air cooled fittings/tempered glass are ordered and on their way. Seedlings are currently under 24 hours of fluorescent light, in about a week I will switch them to 18/6 of 400w MH.

    I have 4 large plants, and 14 smaller ones in Solo cups. Larger plants show signs of flowering, found a spider and an egg? on one of the buds, I removed it and saw no others ones so hopefully it was nothing major.

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  6. The one plant in the pic is def a male

  7. for real man, get a fucking life.

    looking MUCH BETTER man, looks like you may pull off a yeild this time, you may be having a N def. or PH issue of some kind based on the plants' color

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