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  1. Just ended up getting another 200 watt red spec cfl total of about 26000 lumens. Tell me whatcha think.. Day 2 of flower.
    Specs on grow:
    -400 watts red spec 2700k 26000 lumens
    -fox farm ocean forest soil
    -technaflora recipe for success nutrient kit
    -5 gallon pots
    -all bag seed
    -1 month and 1 week veg time

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  2. Ohhhh and please don't turn this thread into a flame fest. If your gonna come talk s**t about cfls just don't even post in my thread.. Thanks and smoke weeeeeed! :)
  3. It's all good. You got a half pound from 200 watts of cfls, will this one yield a pound (or more let hope)?
  4. ur plants are looking pretty.. can't wait to see the yield!
  5. Sooo I decided to pull the small one then the other one Hermed on me so I put it in it's own room so it won't pollinate my sinsemilla but this babys about 4 feet tall a little under 3 weeks into flower

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  6. Looks like you may want some side lighting (mostly near the bottom both sides) other than that great lookin plant! Will u be doing any LST to get more light to some of the less fortunate branches??
  7. Iluvwakytabaky, cant he cut the unnecessary fan leaves from the middle of the plant to expose lower nodes to more lumens?:confused::p
  8. Could cut em or just tie em down whatever the grower feels suit... I'm thinking the fan leaves are what brings air into the plant( could be mistaken but like I said grower should do as he/she feels suit
  9. Does she have any buds showing yet???
  10. I recommend u use big bud or shooting powder for flowerin this will make em nice n big but start using it wen ur 5 weeks into flowering. im doin cfl's myself n im barely 6 weeks into veg.
    How did u plant get so big of cfls need some tips if u dnt mind?
    If yu want more thc in ur nugs let me kno i got the rite nute for that!!!!
  11. yeah you think you will get a pound of this 400w set up? since your already getting a half pound from 200w of CFL. :hello:
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    This person= someone who just shouldn't post in my thread.
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    Maybe haven't thought about it too much haha I figured 26000 lumens would grow a pretty healthy plant
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    Yeah still pretty small but their lookin tastey :)

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  15. why because I asked a question? is that considered talking shit?
  16. *waits to see if tylekorn gets asked to leave another thread for trolling*
  17. why is asking a question considered trolling? another dude asked the same question. you two are a couple of cry babys.
  18. I don't know why you guys think I talk shit about cfl's I grow with cfls. check out my grow I just made a journal this morning.
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    Well I have a single 200 watt 6500 k for veg and 2 200 watt 2700k for flower.. Fox farm ocean forest and water for veg that soil has plenty of bites to last you about 4 weeks. And I use a mixture of 7 or 8 nutes for flower if that helps at all and topping and super cropping.. I tried FIMing but it didn't do anything I don't think
  20. For more potent thc use this nute SNOW STORM as soon as u start flowering this make ur nugs all crystally

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