400 watt 9 plant yield

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  1. Just finished harvest today and here are my total numbers,
    Mind u it's wet weight

    5 og-18 - 370 g,s total
    4 ice - 480 g,s total

    Final - 850

    This was under 400 watts in a 4x4x7 tent,
    Promix medium and floranova nutes,

    Wut u guys think take away half the weight after dry and cure?

    Will post pics and dry weight within a week or so
  2. There are a lot of factors, but just punch in 75% of it, thats a very vague ballpark, but I don't weigh wet, so I can't say for sure. Buds are built differently per strain and growing enviro, and they can see as much as 80% or as low as 40% in weight after dry.
  3. Thats incredible off of a 400, i grow under a 430, and avg 450, 500g's a grow.
    I would love to know more about your set up.
    sounds like you squeezing more out that 400 than i am out my 430.
  4. Depends when the last time you watered etc. My last grow under 400whps was around 100g per plant wet but ended up with around 25g dry
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    I use high yielding strains And just do a little stress training maybe even pinch or crop,
    Ice and Kalishnikova are by far my favorite and best yielders,
  6. fantastic that you mentioned kalashnikova happens to be a new momma that I just cloned for the first time along with an original uk cheese that i just put into flower yesterday.
    I would love to know some of the growing traits of your kalashnikova strain, what nutes you were using all the goods you feel like sharing.
    Like I said 1st time growing this one out any knowledge is helpful.
  7. Kalishnikova is a nice strain although it is new it is relatively easy to grow and maintain,
    It's pretty branchy and thin which in turn gives it it's nice yield,
    I use floranova grow and bloom and follow the drain to waste program, I feed every other watering sometimes every 2nd, I don't add any other kind of additives no veg fortifiers or bloom boosts and I've never had any issues, the floranova is 70% organic and supplies alot of micro nutrients,
    Temps are 77-80 high 65-70 low,

    Remember this is using promix as medium
    It's pretty much a easy grower
  8. Who weighs wet harvest?
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    I guess not u,
    Your point being?
  10. Rule of thumb is that you are left with 20% when the harvest is fully dried .
    So in your case you would get around 20gr / plant which doesn't seem a lot .
    And there's definitely more people that weigh as opposed to not weighing at all .
  11. On the Kalashnikova how long you flowering?
    I only use a grow and a bloom as well I also like to give a burst of molasses before i flush.
    Really appreciate the knowledge.
  12. Perhaps you can answer a mother question for me as well.
    my kalashnikova and my cheese moms are getting too tall.
    can i cut the top half of my mom off veg and flower her?
    if so what will the mom look like and grow like after i take her top?
    will she split like i topped her?
  13. The Kalishnikova I flower for 9 maybe 10 weeks, when u see the nice amber appear around ur buds it's at it's best, my trichs I like clear/cloudy,

    I'm sure u could cut the top half off ur mom and flower but as u know it will take some time for your cutting to root,
    As far as the mom it will grow back as if it was topped,
    Btw my kalish was harvested at 5ft,
  14. My 5 ft how long of a veg for that?
    As far as topping my moms I have noticed an odd trait and was wondering if you have noticed as well.
    i topped my cheese mom when she was young and did not top my Kalash, the clones from the cheese which was topped are more stringy and have far less bulk than the kalash. However, the cheese rooted harder and faster than the kalash.
    so will topping the moms at this stage effect the quality of the clones?
    How long you think such a rooting would take for the tops?
  15. secondly, how are you getting 5 ft worth of penetration from your 400?
  16. first timers, I did on my first grow, was stokes at the numbers too, well until I dried it out. now I don't set myself up for disappointment. but the multiply by .75 or .8 of the wet weight is fairly accurate within 5 to 10 grams.
  17. Weighing wet is a waste of time (like weighing the root ball). Give it a few days, trim it all up and weigh the usefull product.

    I also grow with a 400 watt lamp. Growing a 5 foot tall plant is very do-able. I shoot for a harvest height of 4.5 feet, but get 5-foot tall plants now and then without issue. If you plan on growing tall plants, I have found you will yield more by growing less. Four plants max or less (depending on strain).
  18. i cannot get enough light penetration to get full coverage only up to maybe 3, or 4 feet max and at that i can almost promise the bottom half will be inferior compared to the top half. The sheer heat temp alone when im running my lamp 2 feet from the tops is 85 degrees and can get as high as 87 or 89 i live in Hawaii and that is with my lights on at night...
    Hence on the grow i just started instead of vegging and putting 4 to 6 plants at a foot to a foot n a half i put 12, 6 inchers in my earth boxes and flowering them out from there.
    hoping to get 7 to 8 grams dry per plant and being happy.
    if you see a way to improve holla!
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    Just wanted to throw in my final dry weight which is 8 oz's off of my 400 watt setup
    3 zips off 5 og18
    5 zips off 4 ice
    The og is prob the best smoke I've had yet,
    Oh and weighing wet isn't a first timer thing rather than an estimate towards your final weigh in,
    I'd rather know ahead of time rather than keep my fingers crossed,
    Rule of thumb pretty much is you'll get a third of ur wet weight give or take,
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    Squirrel fan etc

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