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400 mgs seroquel

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by blueberry_boi, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. i was recently prescribed two 200 mgs a night a I was just wondering will it afeect my smoking
  2. Im not sure about the smoking, but I was to take a quarter of that for bed( I sleepwalk) and it knocked me on my ass to the point i couldnt get up. honestly the only thing that has worked without side effects to get me to bed is marijuana.
  3. hmmsince being a apst user of this pill. It will noknock u on ur ass. If you smoke on it ur gonna feel it 20x more. You are gonna be one stoned mothfucker! Be careful thought as it says "do not drink" Trust me on that one. just smoke and feel the wonders..

  4. Those things will knock you out
  5. It might increase the side-effects, especially increased heart rate and drowsiness. Besides that, I don't really see anything to worry about.

  6. ya they knock you out man. Its a anti psychotic med man. of course its gonna knock u out. But its really fun to fight the feeling of goin to sleep. It fucks u up even more. :)


  7. i was also wondering is 400 mgs a nite alot or a little
  8. i was perscribed 100 milligram pills of it i quit taking but if it helps with insomnia i might have to give it a try.
  9. I tried to use it for recreational use with only 300 mgs i was perscribed it so i said wtf and i tried it and it has no recreational value it just gave me a really high heart rate and some CEV's and dizziness. I just smoked a two bowls with my bud and i was fixed right up.
  10. 400 mgs, damn

    i took 3 100s one day and was out for lik e8 hours, i woke up every now and then when people passed me the bowl, and hit me with it so i could hit it lol.

    i was just out of it, itfucking knocked my ass out

    the only value they hve to me is to heal my coke or crack comedown
  11. i took 200 last night and slept 15 hours without weed
  12. I had a real bad experience with that drug.There was a nightmare in everyone of them.To long and shitty to go into, but if you want to see what happened in living color, go to advanced nutrients web page and look in posts under El Loco and see what I went through:mad: .Bad stuff for me.
  13. ~zombiefied~ is how i like to describe it

    and yes 400 mg is a fuckin shit load. I took like 1 75 mg for recreational use before school and i sleept through all my classes, sometimes i even just slept a whole period, and halfway into the other class in the wrong classroom i was so out of it.
  14. It appears this is the advanced nutes page.See what I mean about serokill and me?I must have erased it during a seizure.It put me in a total manic state for a long time .I was in a nervous breakdown at the time and a dr. shoved them in my hand with no info at all.Luckily, I had heard about them a few days before and called a pharmacist and asked about them.She said they were counterindicative to the other anti?, I was taking, again with no dr, instructions.The first night, 100 mgs. knocked me out.In 5 days they had me up to 800mgs.I didn't smoke for the 5 days, before they took blood and that was a mistake.I can stop panic attacks immediately if I hit the bong with my African sativa quick enough, but had made a dumb promise not to.I lost 20lbs. in the 5 days.Upon further research, it turns out they are a second generaton antiphsychotic.They think maybe it levels the chemicals in the brain.They're not sure though.The biggest reason they are selling good now is off label prescribing.With no advertisement except word of mouth from patients, they are prescribing them for insomnia.The first night 100 knocked me out for 14 hours, more than I usually get in 2 weeks.200 the next night and I never went into a full sleep, just 1/2 way and nightmares.I never dream when I smoke.The first night I had a good dream about carving up those speed demons in the meth commercials, who are laughing at the kid who is saying"I'll only take it once".Total maanic state.I've taken about everything that came along in my younger days.I would aquate these as a cross between, qualludes and reds.U older folks will know what I'm talking about, but there was no fun like with ludes.Very bad drug, for me.Take with extreme caution.If there's anyway to ressurect what I erased,there was some good live experiences there.Hell, it might have been another board.Shit fucked me up.I'll look around for it and post if I find it.Good luck and let us hear how it goes.:eek:
  15. yeah they werent fun at all, i had to smoke some bud to get out of that state.
  16. I Cant Take That Shit It Gives Me The Jitters When Im Trying Ot Fall Asleep With It , Ill Be Laying There Then I Will Feel Wierd And Have To Movemy Legs. Its Really Wierd

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