$400 budget, what would you build?

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  1. I have about $400 to spend. I would like to avoid HID lights becuase heat then becomes a factor. Also with heat that would intensify the smell. I'm looking for a good CFL setup for low energy purposes and to keep it as stealth as possible. I have a bedroom closet I will be putting it in about 7x5x3 and a compartent on the top of it which is about 2x5x3. I would like to run a hydroponic or aeroponic system. I am hoping to be able to use the top compartment for germination and vegging. And I believe my closet has enough space for 2 18gallon rubbermaid containers but I would like to start off with one for budget sake. I would like to put 6-9 plants per bucket but because of the restrictions behin CFLs I should stick to a 4 plant setup per bucket.

    If someone could lay out a list of all supplies needed and where I could locate these supplies I'd appreciate it.

    Say I went with an equivalency of 150watts with 6 CFLs on a 4 plan setup, what methods could I use to insure a nice size harvest.

    Also feel free to post what you have already done with a space this big, or what you could do with this space. A picture is worth 1000 words so I'll be learning from everything you guys can add on with.
  2. just a quick tip on the lights- you want around 100w for each plant, not the equivalent of 100w
  3. Well I'm going to be growing 3 plants on 300 Watts. I have these 60W CFL bulbs that only use up 13W each. From what I've been reading, they should work perfect. I'm doing basically the same thing as you, in a closet, along with the top compartment.

  4. I'm still new to this but I think the wattage you're looking for with CFLs is the actual watts not the equivalent watts. So the 100 watts per plant suggestion means you'll need a few more CFLs. :-(
  5. You need atleast 4 of the 100x equivalent CFL's since the "100w" CFL only puts out 26w of light. So 4 per plant. As for your budget id build a nice DIY hydro set for that closet.

  6. Ohh, So your saying that each of my 60W bulb are equivalent to only the 13 watts they use?
    I'm new to growing too, I'm still trying to learn about the lights ha.

  7. Exactly. I learned that the hard way as well :-O.

    The equivalent wattage is there because people use those lights as more energy efficient lights. They're saying that they produce just (or near) as much light as a 60 watt bulb but they only use 13 watt.

  8. So, the actual wattage it uses it the wattage it puts out? Thats lame, Hell I thought I'd be saving on my energy bill ha. So I only have 104 Watts with 8 bulbs, wow.. This blows.

  9. Yeah.. it does. You could also buy 15 "Y-adapters" and only use one socket for those 8 bulbs :)

    ^ ^
    ^^ ^^
    ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

  10. Well hell, I'm just going to head over to Lowes SOON! because my seeds are germinating now. I'm in dire need to get over there and get all this set up.

    I'll just use these bulbs for common use:)
    Thanks alot man you've been alot of help.

  11. Sure, I'm glad I could help! Thanks for the advice in my thread as well.
  12. goodluck man, im ordering off 1000bulbs.com and getting like nine 55w cfl 2700k bulbs for my plants. itlly only cost like a lil over 100 bucks. thats 495w total with 32,400 intial lumens.

    im only growing 3 plants too

    ill be watching this grow for sure mane:D
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    Thats cool, although 2700K is usually reserved for the flowering period, not veg. It'll
    still work out fine though!

    Just remember just like with regular tube fluorescents, you gotta keep the CFLs as close
    to the plants as you can, without burning the plants. Keep an eye on this, keep your plant
    stretching down to a minimum, and you'll do fine.

    Seriously consider adding a SCRoG to your CFL grows, the two go well together.

    Also remember not to ignore proper reflection inside your grow cabinets. Flat white paint
    or panda film, or mylar are the best choices. Avoid glossy paint or aluminum foil as they
    create hotshots. You are using CFLs that just aren't going to have the same kind of
    penetrating power as a HID light will, so be sure to maximize your use of every available

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  14. here look what i did i spent way less than 400 lol do this its easy and cheap:smoke:
  15. Well, I was highly confused about my equivalency statement and why I was so incorrect. I looked into and lights actually have two ratings. You should only focus on the actual wattage of the bulb, which I was doing. I just failed to relay it in words properly. I was addressing 6xCFL at about 20-30 watts a piece, equaling up to about 150 watts.
  16. Just get a 250 watt HPS. They are not that hot.


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