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  1. I drew this design in MS Paint so, please take it easy!

    So far I plan on useing a 400 Watt HPS with this grow box, and a 4" Inline Vortex fan to ehaust all of the hot air.

    I'll continue to update this design, so if you're interested or have any questions or constructive comments, please feel free to post and come back regularly :smoking:

    Edit: Updated Growbox design...added that 12" oscallating fan and the 3" passive intake holes.

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  2. HIGH All, no questions or constructive comments..just wanted to say..can't wait.
  3. By caulking all the corners and places that the wood comes together, you can create an air-tight/light-tight system. And if the circles in the back are fans, then gj, cuz you need fans, at least something to simulate wind in nature.

  4. Well, I'll definitely seal all of the corners in there. Those 6" holes, are just for passive intake, I'll probably replace them with 3" holes and use pvc elbows and put some vent filters over the pvc so no un-wanted stuff gets into my grow areas.

    As for a fan, I'll have a 12" oscallating fan in there. I'll put this to the left side directly over the canopy.
  5. I'm not sure if I wanna ask why...but why? :p
  6. i dont think your mothers are going to fit in the top bro, i think it said 22inches and the cfls take up space plus the cfls need to be like 1-2 inches away, for that matter you will probebly not be able to veg that much in the top space either, but that can be played with. hope this helps peace.
  7. well ive got a 600 watt hps and a 5' turbo line fan!still the heats hot in there!any ansers jus klet me no!plz:hello:

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