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40 Watt Bulb

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by A-Jay, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. I decided I wanted to try to make a vaporizer according to this FAQ:

    I really want to do it tonight but I only have a clear 40 watt laying around. Will the glass be able to handle a flame from a typical bic or should I get a 100 watt? Anyone ever tried this??
  2. Looks interesting post results
  3. I'm pretty sure wattage is based on the filament, not the glass. Also, make sure you're not using a frosted bulb.
  4. i do electrical work...pretty sure its the burning stuff on the inside not the glass =) ...but i'll gank a few bulbs from work tomorrow and find out
    (did you know an average light bulb filiment burns at 3000 degress kelvin?)
  5. wow, a stoner doing electrical work? what does it feel like to be electricuted while baked? I'd probably not notice my finger stuck in the socket and my hair standing on end for a couple seconds... then i'd laugh a little and take it out :p

  6. Yeah but the 100 watts get hotter than the 40, so i'd guess they make the glass off the 100's more heat resistant than the 40's...right? :)

    I just dont wanna end up with the glass exlpoding up in my face..
  7. ....for gods sake just go buy a light bulb...only cost you like .60 and sorry but i cannot find that information anywhere.. i did however get distracted today and trash a few light bulbs

    (i dunno how it feels.. i doubt you would feel it for very long =) the idea is to TURN OFF THE POWER before working and i never go to work stoned rather not be if it was industrial it wouldnt matter cuz it would blow your skin off and send you flying about 100 ft wooo!)
  8. I think the 40 watt filament gets hotter than your lighter is going to make the glass.
  9. You'll be fine, ive made bubblers out of lightbulbs before and that worked well enough.

    Now put that bitch together and tell us all how it works, I'm curious as hell now.

  10. how did you make a bubbler out of a lightbulb?
  11. You cut off the top and put a stem in, and then cut a hole in the side of the screwing in piece and sort of put a tube at a downward facing angle into the bulb. Not the best bubbler ever, but it worked more or less.

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