40 Day T-Break ends TODAY!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by PhilthyPhil, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I had to make a post for this I'm sorry. Been on a T-break for 40 days now for some ua's I had to do for work. Now I can FINALLY smoke. I'm going all out and rolling a personal 2 gram blunt of pure dank.:hello:
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  3. 2 grams of dank to yourself? if you finish that your eyes will be bleeding
  4. Lol probably, I used to be able to do it and I still got blazed as fuck. Ill probably share with the homies.
  5. yeah I could smoke a 2g blunt of dank with 4 people and still get stonnned
  6. 40 Day T-Break + 2 gram dank blunt = Couchlock

    Naw but seriously haha it'll be awsome.
  7. Oh man.. Lucky you. I wish I had the willpower to take a T-break. haha
    Have fun man! :smoke:
  8. Grifball is fuckin fun when ur blasted duuuuude
  9. Hit that for me yo! My longest tolerance break was 18 days, got really high off 1 small bowl lol. :D
  10. Just got off a 1 year T-break last week haha. Feels great to be able to get twisted off one bowl :smoke:. Thinking I'm gonna do my next T-break in the spring when I start my grow.
  11. My god man 40 day's I cant even do a week anymore I have tried taking 1 week brakes for every month for last 4 months I only make 3 days now.
  12. im on day 5 of my month t break, really isnt so bad, but i gotta say there are times where im just like ugh i want a hit so bad, but i know in the end it is all worth it!

    plus im doing shrooms tonight :)
  13. do you even remember what its like to be high? youse about to get crippled
  14. Yea, I just got off work, took a shower and decided to smoke the biggest bowl I've ever smoked... I just filled the pipe overflowing and pressed it down, I'm bout to be pretty high also. Have fun!
  15. I smoked a blunt last night of some cryptic sour d x og kush, I was literally high through the night and half of my sleep. it was ridiculous.
  16. Lol for sure man

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