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  1. Hey Grasscity, i just got back from vacation and back to the boards... and i bought some bud to celebrate :D

  2. ...and its close-up!

  3. Looks nice n fluffy.

    Happy burning, from your dry friend.
  4. Man thats nice. My guy called and told me tomorrow....tomorrow....when your dry thats to dam long. Lucky you.
  5. That's a nice 8th
  6. did u buy it busted? or just busted it before u snapped the pic?
  7. yeah, i ment to say that...When i got it, it came off a branch that was a little over half an ounce, and he broke off some buds from that, and i broke it up even further so that it would fit into my jar... im really thinking about throwing the rest i have into some pudding batter. I got about a gram and a half left... im just worried it wont be enough to feel anything from it, and it would be a waste.. hmm, anyone experienced with cooking?
  8. ^why not just roll it up and blaze it? or pack a bowl

  9. roll it up
  10. well, i got a philly here, so i guess i'll roll a blunt. which remindes me, i need to get some more 1.5's... just that i've never really baked with bud before, i wanted to try it out sometime. My friend said he just ate a few nugs and said that he was incredibly stoned... hmm, the possiblities ..
  11. ahh looks soo nice
  12. i prefer my bud non tore up, seems to take longer when in a bowl. nothing like just sittting passing a bowl for hours!!
    But never the less nice bud, wish i had some now HAPPY TOKEN
  13. Ive seen that bud before...we had shit like that selling around here for $20/a gram....i could get it for $10 a gram though. It seems like hydro to me...at least if its the same shit. I cant remember the strain...though it tasted like pineapples sort of.
  14. can't say it tasted like pineapple, but it was advertised as "dro"...

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