4 x 8 grow room.

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  1. I was just looking for some ideas. I heard about this guy that did 8 to 15lbs on some scrog setup on a 4 x 8 tent. Not sure on his equipment thou.

    My equipment so far..

    2x lumatek 1000w non dimmable ballast
    Cap 8 light controller
    2x 8" inline fans 750cfm each
    4x8 tent
    Custom light stand.
    4x8 flood table
    35 gal food grade drum
    2x 10" fans
    15000btu ac
    Carbon filter
    8" duct muffler

    Things needed
    Hood?? Ideas of the best one for my tent.
    Bulb?? Dual arc
    Sentential chhc-4
    What else?

    What's the best brand nuits

    What's the best way to run air thru hoods fresh air and thru the the carbon filter?

    Any other ideas?
  2. Even if you got 1 gram per watt which is what REALLY good growers get it would only end up being 4.46429 pounds. But would you really be sad about getting 4.5 pounds?
  3. I wouldn't at all I just want to see how real and hard it would be if optimal equipment was used.
  4. What r some good hoods to run?

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