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4 Wks Into Flower, Nute Burn Or Def?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ThinkCreative, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Here's the stats
    Indoor, 3'x 2'x 5' tent, a/c intake, two fans, 180cfm blower and carbon filter
    Soil, fox farms
    4 indicas "Madman" 2 sativas "Frob"
    4th week of flower starts tomorrow
    1000 watt Hygro HO LED
    16 inches
    Tap, 6.1-6.5 PH, water every 2/3 days depending on weight of pots
    General Hydro, Bloom 4-8-7. 1tbs per gal.
    Runoff is 5.8-6.2
    70-72º day, 65-68º night - 35-45% humidity
    2.7gal 10" plastic with drains
    No bugs
    I've done some pretty heavy stress training in veg, tied every branch back, and topped twice (which is why there are so many colas) 
    This is my first grow, I do understand the space I am growing in is going to limit my yield and I honestly should have only grown 2-3 plants in here. I seem to be having either a bit of nutrients burn or some sort of deficiently and I'm not sure. I fed twice last week and I think this may be the cause but could use some experienced growers advice. I just want to figure it out before I feed again. I have water flushed with correct PH the last two times to try and balance it out.
    I have also noticed some leaves yellowing and dying (assuming this is a natural nitro def. that happens during this stage of flowering. Only the lower leaves. I have also noticed some leaves droop and are easily "peeled" off with no resistance. I think this may be caused by overwatering or just because they aren't getting much light and the plant is sending it's energy where it's needed.
    Everything else looks great IMO! Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for all the advice and I am stoked to see the outcome of this!


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  2. I think im in the same boat.. cept my tips are burnt... check my thread too... hmmmm.. maybe we can help each other... lol

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  3. You have applied to much fertilizer. With a ph lowered to 5.8 in the root zone your slipping in N, although your plants are loaded up with N uptake of N will continue to slip. P and K are slipping now also, and Mg and Ca are locked out. Sulfur is slipping too.
  4. Hey MMMAN hope things are going well. I curious as to what you mean by "slipping". Do you mean it's toxic; as in too much of it? Just curious
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  6. Oy well that chart definitely helps. So I guess the next best thing to do would be to continue to flush with 6.5 PH water and check the runoff until I get a little bit higher reading and reframe from fertilizing for a week or so? Thanks again mate
  7. I would flush with water ph'ed to 6.5 or tap water if it ph's around 7... simply bring the ph back into balance with the medium.
  8. Okay cool, I am going to water tomorrow night and test the runoff, I'll keep this thread updated! Thanks @mmman
  9. Your very welcome, friend.
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    So I recently watered on Friday with 6.8ph water and collected the runoff to test, came out to be a 6.2-6.4 on all of my plants. Unfortunately it only seems like the burns have gotten worst and are appearing on other leaves. I also noticed a few of the leaves are starting to have a purplish/red hue but VERY slight. Haven't fed in about a week now. Just curious if maybe I should feed next water, I don't want this to hurt my yield but I also don't want to make the problem worst. I just think since it's getting worst and I haven't fed maybe it is a deficiently and not burn. Any ideas? Thanks! I can post some more pictures if needed.
    Almost starting to think it may be a potassium def
  11. Okay below I've included some more photos, the first photo you can see the dead leaves I've been finding. The second photo you can see the red/purple color I was speaking of, and the third and forth photo just show more burn. Once again, any help is much appreciated! Also any advice on what I should possibly do next, thanks everyone!

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  12. So by now your about in week 5-6 of flowering correct? After looking at your pictures I don't see too much wrong with them. When they start peak flowering, the leaves will often decline a little (sometimes a lot). This just means that the buds are pulling most of the energy from the plant. I think it is perfectly normal. I would NOT fertilize yet. Your leaves are very green and you are just getting them recovered from very acidic conditions (possibly from over-fertilization). Give them a little bit. Continue to water with pH adjusted water and check the runoff. Once they are happy with the pH and begin to recover I bet the nutes you were locking out will become available and the plant will thrive.
    And food for thought...if you are on week 6 and they are 8week flowering strains then I would consider not fertilizing again. I like to give my plants 2 weeks with no nutes before harvest and plenty of water. The plant will take what it needs from the soil and fan leaves during this time.
    And I must add my disclaimer...I am certainly no authority on cannabis cultivation so consider what other folks have to say. These are just my opinions from what I've learned.
  13. Yeah they do look very green, my only concern was the burnt tips so I've been thinking it's a def. but I definitely don't want to hurt them more. I am about 4 weeks and 3 days into flowering. I just don't know why my indicas look so thin, and the buds aren't filling in too much, almost looks like stunted growth on the flower but they are taller and the stems/branches are thinner than my sativas. I am going to water again tonight and check the runoff to see where it's at. The only leaves that seem to be dying are lower fan leaves that aren't really getting any light so I'm not too worried about that.
    As far as stopping about 2 weeks before harvest, I couldn't agree more, I think it's best to remove all the chemicals and let them take in just water.
    This is my first grow so I am probably over reacting a bit ha but I just want a good yield and since this is the most important part for the plant, I want to make sure it's getting everything it needs! Thanks
  14. I think it's filled out fine for 4 weeks. The last couple weeks is when it will really put on weight and fill out. I think you're on the right track. Just keep their pH in check and keep us updated.
    I'm sure you're aware of this but be sure not to over water....I'd let them dry out a good bit before you water since they've had plenty during the flushing.
  15. Definitely, thanks for the advice, I always try and make sure it's dry by testing with my finger/moist tester, and weight of the pot. I think the only thing that is going to limit my yield is the size of my pots since the root structure can't grow that big but hopefully I get a decent amount from 6 plants @1000watts. I'll keep everything posted and let you all know the turn out! 
  16. So I just watered and here's my runoff, getting much better and pretty much exactly where I need to be on most of them!
    6.2 back right sativa
    6.47 back middle indica
    6.3 back left indica
    6.45 front left indica
    6.5 front indica
    6.22 front right sativa
    I'll keep this thread updated for future growers looking for help since I see a lot of threads that never get updated.
  17. Certainly keep it updated. Open ended threads can be frustrating when you read it all to find out its very similar to your situation yet there's no conclusion.

    Just because I'm bored I'd like to mention something that I noticed regarding your plants location and their runoff. First, i should mention that your runoff has certainly improved and is sitting pretty good. Your plants should improve pretty soon just keep it up. But, oddly enough it seems that each side (left, middle, and right) have kinda similar runoff pH values. The only thing I can think of is 1) you may have a watering pattern that you routinely do that could be causing this or 2) maybe if you have not been rotating your plants around the grow room, the light and micro-climate could be causing some plants to take up nutrients at different rates.
    Your values are good so I wouldn't look too much into it, but it is an interesting observation. I'm just bored and noticed that so I had to mention it.
  18. These are both great points. I haven't been switching or rotating since I went into flower due to the tight space. I have been thinking about moving them but because of how they've grown and how I tied/trained them, moving the plants seems to put a lot of stress on the branches. I do quite often move the branches around so leaves can get trade places with others. Next grow I am going to get a MUCH bigger tent. As far as watering I usually water from right to left starting with the back row and then left to right from the front. The A/C in vent is also located on the left side so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it either.
    Today there still seems to be more burn spreading to other leaves but hopefully they will recover in the next couple days.
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    Okay, little update on what's going on, still only using water and here's a list of the PH levels.
    6.37 sativa back right
    6.42 back middle indica
    6.49 back left indica
    6.5 front left indica
    6.5 front middle indica
    6.65 front right sativa (<-this one is a little too high, it's been four days since I've watered so today she will get a lower ph to bring it back down)
    Only thing is, the burn still seems to be spreading, and it's only the upper leaves, and only on the indicas but it's staying on the outside of the leaf and not spreading inward. It's just on more leaves now and even some super high leaves with buds. Not quite sure what the next thing to do here, I will take some pictures tonight and post them once they wake up. I just don't want this to affect my yield. I also feel like the indica's are a bit behind on bud growth for how far along they are. The sativa's look great so it is possible they just have a shorter cycle then the indica's. I'm sure you all will know better than I will so once again, I'll post some pictures tonight. Also TONS of lower leaves are dying/falling off which from my understanding is completely normal, and it's mainly the ones that don't receive too much light because of the tight space I am in.
    Thanks for all the help again!

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    Okay, just did some watering and tying up, seems like since all the branches support each other, the plants themselves don't have enough strength to hold itself up with the bud growing on it. I do have to say I take back what I said earlier, seems like the burn isn't spreading worst on the leaf but more spreading to other leaves. It doesn't look like it's getting too much worst and honestly kind of looks a bit better today, the sativas are BOOMING with the budding and I think the indicas are catching up slowly now that I sort through them. Here are some pictures!
    This one is the sativa (if you couldn't guess haha)
    The rest are the indicas, if you look at the leaves you can see some of the burn.
    And all of them (entirely too many for this little space)
    PS: I have no idea why it uploaded half of them sideways

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