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4 weeks into flowering help?!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by danknc420, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Hi all! I have grown a couple plants for fun in the past and now I am looking to step my game up. I have a plant 4 weeks into flowering grown from bagseed and has been on 12/12 since germination. I have to keep them small for now due to space. The top of my cola is starting to show orange hairs. I would guess 10% through out the plant. I have fox tailing and canoeing from too much nitrogen which I have remedied that problem for now. Is it normal for the hairs to be changing color this early. Only plant no other ones have been in the space yet. I can post pics in a few hours. Plant is about a foot tall. Any and all suggestions helpful. No negativity please.
  2. Welcome to GC. A picture would help. Are you counting germination as the start of flowering stage just because you started the plant on 12/12? Also, canoeing and foxtailing are not caused by too much nitrogen, if that's what you have, they are usually caused by heat. A picture would really help if you can?
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  3. Thanks! I am picking up an extra fan to create ventilation. As I thought heat may be a factor. Also I'm probably under estimating flowering time. I started counting flowering weeks when the pistils were from top to bottom and small bud sites were forming. I will be able to post a pic in a few hours when I get back to the site in a few hours. Thank u so much.
  4. Sorry i had these taken yesterday. I know shes seen stress any tips welcome 1515875552852-1236956767.jpg 15158755942052075915812.jpg
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  5. I got the temp down to 81 degrees. She is asleep right now. There is no yellowing on any leaves. They are just canoeing. Fan leaves btw. Thats the only 2 pics i have at the moment will take one of the whole plant in the morning. So this looks normal or heat stress?

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  6. Im only using a few 2700k cfl lights as well. In the process of setting up metal halide grow space for next go

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  7. Could anyone estimate how many more weeks of flowering too btw? Im thinking maybe 4 or 5

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  9. Thx. Ill keep you guys updated until harvest. Ill take a pic of the whole plant in the morning. I need all the tips pointers and critique. As im planning to get a variety of name brand seeds and quality nutes and soil for a bigger grow. This is my practice run so this way ill be familiar with what im doing and a better understanding of how to troubleshoot problems before i put good money into the next. So far i think shes pretty for bagseed and whew she is smellin good!

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