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4 Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slip Away, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. #1 Slip Away, Mar 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 28, 2012
    Hey guys I have a couple of questions

    1. I misplaced the screen for my grinder and I can't find it. Do I absolutely need the screen? If so what can I use to make a make-shift one?

    2. Whats the best way to tell people to stop mooching off me without being an asshole about it?

    3. I'm tired of paying so much money for bud. I hear of people getting eighths for 45 all the time and the price for an eighth around here is 60. Whats the best way to resolve this

    4. My friend gave me a number for a new dealer. I heard from a couple sources that he has good bud, but I hear he's in the bloods. Is it worth buying from him? also I just found out he's my friends brother.

    EDIT: Ok on the last question I gave my friend his number because I couldn't sell him any of my bud and he said he was good. He could be lying though because hes an asshole. Other than that he should be good
    Thanks for the help everyone:smoke:
  2. is it a four piece grinder? if you want kief i guess the screen makes it a lot easier to collect otherwise itll still grind your weed for you. And if your paying for the bud and they are mooching it doesnt matter if your being an asshole about it, because they are being assholes in the first place. Simply explain weed costs money and your not a charity. Picking up in large amounts (half ounce +) will reduce the cost your paying per gram. The last one i cant help you with, just because hes part of a gang doesnt mean hes not a nice guy, just dont piss him off would be my only advice

  3. Its just a normal grinder with a kief catch on the bottom. and for the part about the new dealer from what I hear he's a nice guy. Thanks for the help
  4. 1.) Screen door mesh

    2.) Tell 'em ur dry and if they wanna partake they gotta toss in their own

    3.) Drive to where its cheaper

    4.) Ask you friends brother if its worth it
  5. 1. Buy a new grinder.
    2. Say to friend, 'Dude, I'm not trying to be an asshole, but you gotta buy your own weed sometimes.'
    3. Grow your own bud. Then you will always have it.
    4. Stay away from gang activity, bad news bears. Unless you have a 9 mil...stick with what ya got for now and keep asking around.


  6. 1. Sink screens?

    2. Probably that if they want to keep smoking with you that they'll need to chip in because weed is (especially in your area, it sounds) expensive.

    3. It just depends on where you live. Bible belt states are the worst for weed. Normally you find $40 eighths in medical states. I'd suggest finding A LOT of different dealers from different social circles. You're bound to find a good hook-up in there somewhere. Also, buying weight helps slash your per-gram price.

    4. If your friend trusts him, and you trust your friend, then it should be all good. Just don't piss him off.
  7. You pay 60 for an eighth???? I get them for 25! Where do you live??

  8. Nj but it's hard to find a good dealer around here. Everyone either moved or stopped

  9. What part of Jersey are you from? You shouldn't have a hard time finding a dealer with good weed for cheap prices. College for one is loaded with dealers, dank bud, and cheap prices...I live in NJ and there are loads of dealers who get shipments from medical states. Plus all throughout high school I was able to get eighths for 50 and Q's for 90 of dank. :bongin:
  10. 1. Yep you can grind your weed just fine, won't catch keif though

    2. If you want to smoke with them just make sure they bring weed. Ask them nicely to chip in cause it's obviously expensive

    3. I usually get 8th's for 35 basically 10 per gram. If you find someone you can trust try buying a quart or half o and you'll probably get a decent discount for buying more. But obviously ask what the prices are first don't just expect it
  11. 1. Nah, you only need a screen if you're collecting keif. You can make do without one.

    2. Just be straight forward and honest. Just be like "hey bro, look you know we're cool, and I love blazing with you, but bud costs money, and always supplying is putting strain on my finances. Could you pitch in a bit more?"

    3. Eh, maybe if you get a really good, tight hook up. But here's the deal, the price of bud ranges from place to place, you might just be living in an area where weed is expensive. If this is he case, there's not much you can do.

    4. NONONONONO! Don't EVER get involved with anyone in a gang, that's asking for mad trouble dude. I don't care if he's your friend's brother, just don't do it. Better off with no bud than dead, ya dig?
  12. No it doesn't mean he's not a nice guy, what it means is he doesn't call the shots, especially regarding drugs. That's asking for trouble.
  13. You dont really need a screen. All it does is catch the kief for you. It will still grind weed

    tell them to pay or gtfo. your weed, your decision.

    Buy in bulk is all I can tell you. Eighths are 60 here as well. Alot of it has to do with availability of bud and local prices.

    I personally dont fuck around with any gang members. I dont want to say much, but there are people that I know who have hits out on them because of fucking with gangs.
  14. For question #4 just go through the dudes brother that's your friend. Simple.
  15. 60 an eighth.... you better believe so meones gonna be putting in. Tell them that weed aint cheap and to put it or just dont invite them anymore

    Find a better dealler to get cheaper prices, maybe try out this new connect your talking about

    And dont be scared of someone because their in a gang, just dont play games with them or fuck them over

  16. Im just gonna say 732 area. And yea I hit some people up and found out where I can get eighths for 50 and grams for 10. I still gotta smoke the rest of my bud before I can go about buying more

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