4 mg xanax, lots of 5-htp's, sweet mary jane and dat purple drank.

Discussion in 'General' started by jtangorunnin, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. holy fuck. what a night...i'm still out of it and i don't even remember most of my day yesterday...i ran into some guy while i was driving though. broke somehting on his truck. shit was crazy..
  2. hahaha shit man xanax will do that one time i was pulling out of a party in a car that wasnt mine and i back up hit the dudes mailbox then back into someone elses driveway..so i got out and ran into the party..then told my friend..he was what? it was still on..hahahha
  3. I miss my sizzurp. I wish I had some drank.
  4. yeah man...last night was cool. i slept it off for like 4 hours today. ha! but for real, let me tell you all about it.
    so, it starts with me and my friend wanting to smoke my new bowl (read about it in the Recreational Smoking section!!!). and so, he got some kush, i got some kush, and we both had some good kush to smoke all day/night.
    then, monday night (night before my friend came over) i found 3 xanax, and a soma at my house. cooool.
    so, the morning that i was driving to pick up my friend, i took 2 xanax (not knowing what i was in for). so, these 4 mg of xanax REALLY fucked me up. (or maybe they didn't, i can hardly remember a god damn thing about yesterday.)
    but anyway, so i took the xanies, smoked a bowl, and was on my way. i was with some other people and, on the way back to my house, we had to stop at a parking lot to drop this guy off at his truck. well, we got there, and then when i was backing out, i ran right into this guy's truck. when i hit the truck, i kept backing into him for some reason, and then i quickly changed into drive and drove PAST my parking spot and into the grass...haha! luckily, no police were called or anything but i have to pay some shit for insurance. sucks.
    anyways, we got to my house and my friend took 2 mg of xanax, and we both downed like 6 or 7 5-htp's. (probably more than that..i remember, as the night was going on, i was just walking around finding these pills laying around and i'd just eat 'em up...haha.) then, we're feeling pretty trashed, so we decide to go get some sprite for our drank, but smoke a joint beforehand. shit...this is kinda hard to remember. all i can remember is that we smoked a joint with papers from these blunts i have. and we smoked in a pavilion or something...holy shit, i don't even remember. i guess the xanax was really taking over at that point. but (i don't remember this, i just know it happened), we went somewhere and got sprite. then we came back to my place. poured it up. mixed some sprite, like 2 oz. of codeine w/ promethazine, like a lot of vodka, and some jolly ranchers.
    it was either before or after the drank that we smoked the bowl with soma on top. hear me out...we cut this carasoma in half, and, ya know how when you cut a pill in half, sometimes there will be little crumbs? well, we packed a fat bowl and put the crumbs on top and smoked em. i don't even know if that does anything but it didn't really matter at this point.
    then comes some flexiral...maybe another bowl...and....out.
  5. i hope some reads that...it took a long time to write cause i'm still wiped from yesterday...i need a shower.
  6. nice man be caredul with pills though

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