4 gallon 2 plant dwc (over fed seedlings) need advice

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  1. Hello Grasscity! This is my first post after hours and hours of reading and searching i have decided to start this thread to get some educated guesses. I simply have 2 plants that were given nutrients from what seems to early. photo 1.JPG  I may have misunderstood the Advanced nutrients calculator. I am using the basic Grow, Micro, Bloom combo and have the first week added 1/8 dose or 1/4oz per gallon. the 2nd week i gave them 1/2 oz per gallon or 1/4 dose. Soon to realize this is causing some serious burn i have ph balanced my water and added no nutrients (flush.. i think its called) to around 5.8 and its been about 12 hours. this is day 18 for these plants since they were germinated and inserted into the rock wool. My question is "What should i do now?".
    My set up
    4x 6500k 100w equiv or 23w actuall CFL (24hr on)
    4 gallon 4 spot Dwc bucket with Air stone (Stealth hydroponics setup)
    small fan
    Temps have been approx 75f
    humidity has been around 50%
    water temp got low for a few days but is  usually a consistent 70f
    im working with 1 digital ph meter
    and an IR thermometer for checking res temp
    Any and all help would be awesome! i really want to save my new years babies!


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    id say check you ppm. you wanna start around 180 then work up to 300 or so.
    just saw that your flushing. check the ph of the res to make sure it is still stable to make sure no further damage, chances are ur root zone was off, and that is now flushing into your res
    once it is stable, start back at around 150-180 ppm, then wait 4-5 days, maybe longer depending on their needs, to increase again
  5. thanks and any idea how i should go about starting to feed them again?
  6. thanks will do
  7. np. sorry it took so long, im sure someone else will lend a helping hand as well

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