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4 foot bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BillyBreaths, May 3, 2006.

  1. This is my first thread made so I hope you guys enjoy.

    I come home after a dry day of nothing going on and sit at my computer bored as fuck. Then one of my bros friends comes in and says that they got a 4 foot bong in the backyard. So I call up one of my buds and tell him to get over here quick.

    So once my bud gets here we go into my backyard and wait a little while. Then they pole out this tube, open it up and pull out this beautiful 4 foot bong. I was in complet awe when I saw it. Then they back it up and we all hit it. It was hilarious I got to hit it before one of my buds and hes really short and had to get on his tippy toes to hit it. It was great. My first actual bong (besides some crappy waterbottle bongs) and it was fantastics. One of my best and funniest highs I ever had.
  2. A) Why is this in Seasoned Tokers and B) some pics would have been awesome :(

    but sounds like you had a blast. I would die to try a 4 foot bong.
  3. Nice.

    The other day I blazed from a bong that I had to stand on my toes to take a hit from. I'm about 6'2'' so it was probably almost 6 feet tall. I mean, it was no beuty of a bong, but still interesting to blaze from. I think it was made from plastic, my buddy had a bong and put an extention that he bought on top, so it was kinda flimsy but still pretty fun. It took an entire lungfull to even fill the bong with smoke, I took the biggest toke I could and only inhaled a tiny amount of smoke on the first hit, then ya just clear the whole chamber in one huge inhale.

    Good times.
  4. Wow your friend had to stand on his tippy toes to hit a four-footer??
    What are you in like sixth grade or something
  5. think about it he had to get his whole face over it. hes probably about 5'2" or something. hah i thought the same thing at first.

  6. A) It was his first post so we gotta cut him some slack B) I agree pics would have been awsome

    the only bong ive ever hit that big was 5 ft. but it was a homemade and it was impossible to clear...Soudns like fun tho
  7. I would love to make a loooooong bong, at least 6 ft. I would make it on the slim side though, so it would be more smokeable for the avg person like me. I can hold my own with a bong but I'm not fucking supertoker either. Or am I? :cool:

  8. I meant to put this in Real life stories, but ended up in here. I would have taken some pics but i dont really carry a camera nor would I beable to get them on this computer, and yes I had a blast.
  9. Sounds like you had an awesome time!

    And your screenname and my avatar have a lot in common ;)
  10. yea those bongs are serious i like em and the first good one you get is a keeper
  11. i am being honest when I say I would not turn down the chance to try to clear a four footer. I bet that is hard man. JOE>
  12. i remember one time when i was still fairly new to smoking, and we went over to this kid's house and got soo baked. He had this dual chamber bong about 4ft long as well. it also had two bowls, you inhaled the first bowl into the bottom chamber, took a second to get your breath back, and then when you were ready they lit another bowl at the top section while allowing the bottom section smoke to shoot into your lungs like a steam roller.

    ^ i know not a very good explanation :p but it was awesome
  13. Oh man, my boy back in Houston has a red four foot acrylic bong, not much to look at but OMG! We found one of those things that you hang up outside so it spins in the wind and looks cool, basically a long thin strip of plastic that's been twisted, and put it in the bong so now the smoke swirls up like crazy. Clearing that thing is fucking insane, instantly stoned pretty much.

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