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4 Digits!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. Could you imagine that? Man, this place would have more polls than a circus tent!

    But that's not what I meant.



    1000 times I had something to say.

    367 times it was actually something relevent.

    Every time it was fun.

  2. you had something to say 1000 times then right!? man I definatly heard more than 367 times fosho! :) lol, I read between the okielines!
  3. Haha, sweet, Okie!

    Speaking of digits, think about this one:

    Let's say that for some odd reason we had to devise an 11base number system and you were assigned the task to come up with another symbol for the 11th number


    Base 10 nuber system is

    0123456789 <---10 digits counting zero

    Base 11 system would look like this

    0123456789X <---11 digits, x representing missing digit.

    The new symbol has to be one interconneceted piece, just as all numbers are now, no dots, and has to be distinct enough not to be confused with another number so it has to look dissimilar.

    What symbol would you come up with?

    Peace ouT

  4. It's gotta be a NEW symbol, not just a letter,
  5. upside down V
  6. lol!

    Attached Files:

  7. hmm..maybe a sideways S, but lil different,
  8. lol, anway what I was saying, or thing and not saying a damn thing about, I was thinking, and meaning! Norm! upside down v's are good too. as long as shes on the same wavelength. lol :)


  11. im so slow you woulve thought I toked tonight
    what the hell is a bitmap anyway?
  12. what is a bitmap...

    a map of bits i suppose...

    and i am confused...
    and scared..


    and it doesnt take much convincing to get her on the same wavelength.
  13. also i forgot to mention when i first saw the title for this thread i thought it was some sort of bad porn title.
  14. yea..shes a necrophyliac or
  15. damn namron, you find a use for all the orphices. dont forget the ears! ... lol
  16. necrophhilia!!?!?!? what the fuck are you talking aobut?!?



    we are a pot loving happy society and YOU bring up fucking dead people!!

    OH MY GOD!!!
  17. lol..

    your girlfriend is the one into it :p
  18. edited your post to make it look like im just bringin it out of no-where. your a bad man. r0ar

    that or im just incredibly high and seeing things....

    I'd go with option number 7 bob barker.

  19. ..umm..i havent editing anyting...seriously

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