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4 days old super lemon haze

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Iceman2494, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. 4 days old super lemon haze . Does she look healthy or small for her age ?

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  2. This was yesterday.

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  3. Looks good. It's fine.
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  4. Thanks . Was hoping I wasn’t behind . Has really taken off since yesterday. I have 2 other seeds coming my way and still need to germinate. Hope I can grow all at same time in same tent
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  5. You can, just the lemon haze will be a week or two ahead. You can just hold of the transplant till the others catch up..

    What genetics did you get?
    my SLH by greenhouse seeds around 3 weeks after flipping.

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  6. Lemon skunk x super silver haze . Would my slh get root bound waiting for others ?
  7. Yours look damn good . My next two coming in are cookies and white widow. Cookies is OG Kush x Durban Poison. Interested in seeing what that one turns out to be .
  8. Yeah maybe a little but a week or two will be fine. I don't mean stall them in the solo though, transplant up to a 1 or 2 ltr pot then let em catch up.

    It's only a problem though if your filling the tent corner to corner and you want a flat canapy.

    If it's your first grow and your doing three you'll have the space I guess.

    Sorry I feel like I've just rambled on lol.

    What's your plan, what are you useing. Give us a little detail.
  9. My space isn’t huge . Only a 2x4 . Was looking at that yesterday. Not sure I could bush out 3 . I just have some simple set up nothing special. I have a no name blurp and a cob light . Blurp says 600 watt but I think actual is around 200w Growing in 707 organic soil . No nutes just water for now .

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  10. Set up

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  11. My fav strain!
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  12. never had or grown . So idk what to expect
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  13. Looks ready to harvest to me, smoke the leaves
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  14. never had or grown . So idk what to expect
  15. Yea good idea. Going to go harvest now .
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  16. Day 5. Top of soil is a little bit dry but little bit down it has some moisture. See more leaf development.

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  17. 6th day . Seeing noticeable growing . Looking forward to toping and some lst .

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  18. You have excellent start
    Don’t love her to death [​IMG]

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    @ I love growing weed
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  19. Lol . It’s like a picture. I admire from a far .
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