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4 day t break...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GillyTHEkid, May 6, 2011.

  1. What's up blades,

    So like the title says, I'm on a 4 day t break because I smoked a little too much this past weekend.

    I'm not a avid smoker but in the past month or two I've been smoking quite often.

    I'm kinda bored and I don't have any school work that needs to be done tonight so I'm debating on buyin a g of dank. The thing that's holding me back is that I want to get high (duhh).

    Do you guys think 4 days will make a significant difference? I kno I wont t blazed out my mind like my first time smokin but I Wana be smacked off .5

    What you guys think?
  2. If it's a different strain go for it
  3. If you smoke everyday then 4 days will make a huge difference. But you said you don't smoke much anyways, so it will probably mainly be a placebo.
  4. yea go for it a .5 blunt or joint or even bowls gets me feeling pretty good
  5. I always wonder how much people smoke before taking these T-breaks.. I rarely have to take one, and that's only if I go through a week or two straight of unusually heavy blazing. Maybe I'm just different?

    I space my smokes out too.. I don't just blaze up every hour of the day if I don't have anything to do or whatever (sometimes I do, but not often)--normally I smoke a lot during the afternoon, and a lot at night. After a good nights rest, I get higher than a kite the next day.

    Just smoke more, no need for a T-break unless you want to take a break for personal reasons or you're a HEAVY smoker.
  6. Haha I'm also on the fourth day of a T-break myself, how funny haha. I'm a day to day smoker and a 5 day T-break makes a huge difference to me. Like stated before, if you're not an avid smoker, it won't really make a difference.
  7. I stopped smoking for 9 days when I went to Florida, came back and took a few rips of Citrus Headband, I was blitzed for a solid two hours. Your tolerance with drop, not a significant amount, but you will notice a difference the first time you blaze.
  8. I just got off an unintentional month long tbreak. But I started a new job today finally so hopefully I'll be smoking by next week
  9. Is it tempting to break the t break if you're getting on Grasscity?

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