4 arm tree perc bong?

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    well the point of the 4 arm perc is it add some extra diffusion to make the smoke less harsh on your throat.

    The ash catcher is self explanatory.

    it catches......................ASH! lol

    Say, instead of it getting into your bong and making it more dirty, it gets stuck in that little thing. So the ash catcher is more dirty, and the bong stays cleaner.

    For 57 bucks man I say go for it.

    Just know that is has 57 dollars worth of quality. and as long as you dont think your buying some high end, incredibly well made bong.

    Then happy smoking, and show us some pics when it comes buddy.

    remember to "rep" helpful advice ::nudge nudge::

    and as a side note, if you want something thats better and willing to spend some more money, I can point you towards some better pieces for more money.

    But if 60 bucks is perfect for you, then enjoy my friend.
  2. It's pretty.
    I don't think it's worth the money.
    Listen, your bong ONLY needs an ash catcher and maybe 1 perc.
    Everything else is just fun to watch the smoke travel through and so they can charge you more.
    You'll get the same thing going with a cheaper bong, though it is a cheap price.
  3. Kliff204 that would be great if you thought u could point me towards some higher end pieces. I am willing to spend a little more. Thanks for your help!

  4. The best bongs on this website for the money and the quality put into them under 100 bucks are from Molino.

    Molino Premium Bong Line - 5mm - 50cm - Blue Logo - Grasscity.com

    There's different colored logo's and for 5mm or 7mm thickness in glass.

    They are great because they are all made with the best quality glass which goes by the name of "schott duran" or sometimes refered to as "schott Pyrex"

    The other bong you were looking at is made with cheap quality china glass, and is probably very thin. 3.2mm So its much easier to break.

    These start from 89 bucks and go up to 125. And they also vary in height.

    Molino Premium Bong "Dirty Harry" - Bended - 5mm - 40cm - Red Logo - Grasscity.com

    Thats the bent neck version incase you like the look.

    lemme know what you think.

    If you wanted to spend 150 this is the best of the best for the price on the website.

    GlassCity - The Bubblicious Bong - 7mm - Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com

    Glasscity is actually the "grasscity" forum brand.

    The forum got so popular they were able to make their own line of bongs.

    And I own this one and it is a fuckin tank.
  5. I would stick with the black leaf. It's a great price for what it is. 4.2mm thickness, not the best, but at least it's not 3. The 4-arm perc makes the hit smoother as it filters the smoke further. The ash catcher also makes the hit smoother, but mainly- to catch the ash that comes flying through from the bowl. If you chose to get something like the molino... the only issue I see with that is that you are paying more and getting a nice tube, but that tube is only .8mm thicker and you're not going to have as smooth as a hit as the black leaf because it's missing that ash catcher and 4-arm perc. It's just a straight shot with minimum diffusion.

    If you want to get something better and from this website, I would suggest that bubblicious that kliff mentioned. It has great thickness at 7mm, pretty nice little green colored GC logo, awesome downstem and the hits are going to be real nice and smooth.

  6. If you re-read my post, its not just the thickness of the glass.

    its what the glass itself is made of.
  7. Get it bro thats the exact bong i have, i posted pics in another thread a lil ago i dun have it on this comp though but that bong is a killer man!
  8. that tree perc looks way better than the first one and the thickness is 5mm too.. pretty good. i would personally go with the new black leaf because i would prefer the smooth hit instead of glass grade, I mean it's only ~$60 so...
  9. ok so after looking at the glass city bubblicious bong for a while, I decided i really liked it and i wanted to spend the money on it. So i go to buy it today and its out of stock. Is there one similar to it? that has the same quality?
  10. For 57 bucks that's a great bong.
  11. I just bought the last one of those they had in stock :D

    my girlfriend got the same kind in pink :p

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