4 Apollo Horticulture 125 Watt CFL vs ~24 23 Watt Cfls

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  1. Is the 125 Watt bulb good?
    I heard that its better to use a bunch of the 23 watts, but they're expensive and the 125 watt is $14 for 1.
    Where at im spending $14 for like 2 23 watt cfl's.

    Either way im making some reflectors out of roasting pans and putting them in a homemade tent in my closet.

    But can i get away with using the Apollo Horticulture one? I dont wanna drop like $50 on abunch of them and then they go to shit after like a month.
  2. You're spending way too much money in CFL bulbs. The fact is they're extremely inefficient. They don't bud well because they don't put out enough light. The 23 watt cfl's are around 70 lumens per watt. The larger 125-200 watt cfl's are about 50 lumens per watt. $14 for 2 so if you buy 24 of them is $168. You'll be running about 32,000 lumens costing you about 550 watts.

    A 600 watt hps puts out about 96,000 lumens for almost the same wattage. That's 3 times the light for the same price. It is cheaper to buy a reasonably priced 600 watt vented hood kit then just those bulbs. The 600 watt hps will grow a pound of dank dense bud and the CFL's will grow larfy crap you won't be happy with.

    What you should probably do is buy 2 cheap 300w led panels instead of the cfl bulbs. Mars or something similar. They're like $60 each on ebay right now.

    Roasting pans and $150 worth of bulbs? If you want good bud you need real grow equipment. It's not even more expensive then the stuff you're looking at.
  3. Yeah someone told me about LED's. i thought they were hella expensive but they're not that bad. so im gonna get LEDS
  4. Mars, Viparspectra, Roleadro, ect. There's lots of cheaper lights out there. Ebay and Amazon are your friends.
    If you're interested in some more expensive higher quality lights we can link some but since you're working with bulbs I got the impression you wanted budget. Most 300w led's are only really capable of finishing one plant. If you buy 2 you may be able to fit 4 in there. They're only about 130watts each so two would be 260 actual watts and probably put out more light then your 550 watts of cfl bulbs and definitely flower better with denser buds.
  5. yeah i was gonna put 2 plants under a 300 watt MEIZHI.
    I might just do one.

    I have a certain way im gonna grow for maximum yeild tho. Im gonna top at the 4th node, then top again, and maybe again once more if the plant can take it and has fully recovered and has time until flower. if not i'll kick it into flower and scrog her.

    I want a qp from 2 plants at least. or at least 2 zips from 1 plant.
    I plan on using fox farm nutes and 3 gallon smart pots.
    Also, if anyone knows any cheaper nutrients that are as good as fox farms lmk!
    Foxfarms wants like $60 just for a full lineup.
  6. My grow area is like 3ftx2ftx8ft.
  7. LST training will grow you a bush twice as fast as all that topping. Topping has it's place but it causes the plant to slow down in growth for a few days while it recovers. You'll get more tops from letting the plant grow about a foot tall and then bending it over.
    Low Stress Training (LST) Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy

    3x2 is a good size space for 2 300w. I do hear good things about meizhi led's as far as the cheaper models go.
  8. 300w led is very capable of a 4oz plant by itself.
  9. Sunshine promix 4/ 15-20% perlite and a bottle of General Hydroponics floranova bloom. That's all you need. It's a one part hydroponic feeding solution in one bottle. I use it myself for veg. It works great. Promix/perlite is as good as any soil medium. All of those items are available at Walmart.com or homedepot.com, ect, ect.

    It's $20 roughly for a quart of GH floranova bloom. You don't need 3 bottles. FN bloom includes as much cal/mag as most cal/mag supplements. It's the best single bottle solution for growing cannabis I know of.

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