4 6500k 3 2700k or 2 6500k 2 3000k 3 2700k??

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by pinkbear, Nov 15, 2011.

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    so im up late and i was wonder how i could add more light to my grow with spending little money as possible.. so i starting looking around the house and found a lamp with 3 rotating lights on it. each one a 100w soft white cfl. so i starting think next thing you know i took it apart and starting hooking up new lights to my already grow lights. i now have running 4 14w t5 6500k bulbs(1350 lumens each) and 3 100w soft white cfls(1600 lumes each).total of 10200 lumes.

    what you guys think? also with the 4 t5 6500 bulbs i bought 2 3000k for flower. so it be 2 6500k 2 3000k and 3 soft white (which i think is about 2700k) or should i have 4 6500k and 3 soft whites? what you guys think
  2. Not exactly sure what your question is, but those CFLs look too far away, get them within 1-2 inches of the plant.
  3. its alright nvm. and i did move the cfl closer. put the 2 outside ones closer together. also moved the plant closer. started flower cycle today. any1 know how long b4 i should start to see buds??

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