4 5 or 6 inline. Whats the quietest?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by junglekush, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Hypothetical:
    *power adjusted by variac speed controller.

    4' - 200cfm / Full power 200cfm
    5' - 400cfm / 50% power 200cfm
    6' - 600cfm / 33% power 200cfm

    Which fan would run the quietest?

    Which fan would work best with a carbon filter in a 5 cubic foot space?

    Any help would be great guys. I'm inclined to go with a 6' inline turned down as low as the carbon filter can handle.

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  2. My 6 inch fan still makes a buzzing noise when its set low.

    Id get bigger just incase you want to go bigger.

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  3. Fair point. You using a variac speed controller mate?

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  4. Yea I do. The only way to go.
  5. NONE of them are quiet....not sure who your trying to hide the sound from, but anyone residing in your household will be able to hear it. There's no way to mask that sound

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  6. 5 cubic feet is tiny
  7. i have a 240 CFM in a 40 cubic feet and it works fine with no carbon filter
  8. I just can't resist.... '=feet, "=inches.  Now read the post that way...
  9. Ha, good spot. It's the kush's fault.

    I might just stick with pc fans. I'll have to make a proper carbon filter though, my last one was pretty useless.

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  10. Why don't you guys do it correctly and control the inline fans with variable transformers??? No buzz, no noise

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  11. The variac controller has been one of my favorite purchases for a grow. I have found that the cheapo type fans available, no matter the size, will make more noise. I currently use the 6" vortex and love the quiet. Especially after I decided to move out of tent. I barely hear a slight vibration.
  12. Use a silencer, made for ventilation, works like a muffler

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