4.20- I REALLY don't see the point

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Ha, it's all good! :p
  2. I actually celebrate 420 in a way that obscurely frees the mind. Tomorrow I'm gonna treat myself to some bud and listen to my entire Pink Floyd collection. And most definately watch Alice in Wonderland.
  3. Ha, sounds like a plan!

    ...but Alice in Wonderland? How about some Barney! The thought of a purple dinosaur that talks and going around giving little kids hugs gets me all excited!
  4. all holidays are like that too an extent. christmas is on a randomly assigned day. jesus if he existed was by all consensus born in the summer. 4/20 is the day stoners celebrate their plant, who cares if it has no real significance in terms of the number, its about the holiday not when it is. the guy is waking up at 4/20 for the same reason christians drag a dying tree into their houses every december even though it covers everything in pine needles, tradition.
  5. heh... I don't know... just the thought of a woman with such a "manly-ish" voice makes me shudder.
  6. well I duno bout other people but going to sleep stoned is great! Also I dont go 4:20 for everything, hell on the actual date though you gotta do something, I dont smoke every 4:20 timewise, but Arpil 20th, hell it only comes once a year, and if its gonna be the weed day, then hell I'm gonna fucking celebrate it.
  7. I will not be celebrating 420 this year because I am in the middle of a tolerance break. 420 means virtually nothing to me, I'm not nuts about it. The average smoker would not have started a break in april because of 420, but I did because it just doesn't matter to me. I haven't smoked since mid march and I won't smoke again until sometime in may-maybe later. Weed hasn't been worth it lately, but when I get back I will do something special (get a new piece, get a roller, smoke a lot more than usual, etc.) and that will be my 420.
  8. It's 4/20! Yippee! But wait... I just took my first hit of the day and I don't FEEL any different. What's up with that?! I mean, shouldn't I see a white light or something?! :D
  9. lol TZ, bells didn't ring and angels didn't visit? You got robbed man! ;) :smoke:

  10. thankyou:smoking:
  11. Hah, I think that's kind of funny, hempdude420. ;)
  12. Switch i agree with everything you say

    i dont smoke at 4:20 am thats retarted

    but thing that i like about 4.20 is to know that every other stoner is smokeing all day long and so will i there a conection

    P.s im real high (if you get that :hello: but ill understand if his is you out of his
    thread:bolt: )
  13. I dont smoke at 4:20 either. But 4/20 only comes around once a year. I use it as an excuse tto smoke alot yes. But I keep it going for the sake of tradition.:smoke:

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