4.20- I REALLY don't see the point

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. PLEASE TAKE THIS THREAD AS A QUASI JOKE and I'm not "hatin' on" anyone!!! Really YOU DON'T HATE ON SOMEONE- LEARN ENGLISH!!! If anyone gets all annoyed about this now then I'm RE-HE-HE-HE-HEEEALLLY going to want to rip my eyeballs out. Please note my temporary new avatar- to be posted about five minutes after this...

    Ok this is not to be horrible to anyone on here- if you want to go ahead and start a new blunt every 4th minute and 20 seconds of every hour you go ahead.
    As for me I don't get it... it's just a random arbitrary number that someone has decided is synonymous with smoking...

    Weed IS nice and all but don't you think you've gotta draw the line somewhere...

    I joined these forums because I wanted to find out more about smoking- back in the day- and really as I stayed here I grew to like the people... If you joined because you liked smoking weed and just wanted to meet some like minded people then that's ok... but THERE HAS TO BE A LINE DRAWN!!!

    Where? Maybe at the T-Shirt guy... come on- it's a nice sentiment yeah happy friendly... but you're bordering on geekery (if that is a real word) which is almost punchable.

    Maybe at the the guy who is going to get UP at 4.20, smoke some weed and then GO BACK TO BED... what's the POINT. You'll FEEL stoned for five minutes and then go back to bed... What purpose is served? Yeah people do strange stuff all the time but VERY RARELY does anyone ACTUALLY go onto the internet and post on a FORUM about the strange thing that they did...

    4.20 is a nice excuse to smoke all day and party (hey we all need one from time to time) but this is really going TOO FAR... KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPIDS!!!

    I love you guys... ;)
  2. its simple.
    i dont need a "holiday" to get blazed, but its the thought that counts ;)

    edit: I do think it is a little lame, though. Just an excuse for giddy kids to run around and smoke herb...

    ...wait... :laughing: :smoke:
  3. ya makes more people toke and more weed that day its fun day=D

    ..but ya gettin up at 420 blazin and fallin back asleep = dumb!
  4. thats the beauty in the whole thing, is that there isn't an acually "point"

    i think it just all gives stoners a kinda day of there own ya know...

    i don't even smoke much, and im not at all tomarrow but i still find it kinda cool that whereever the whole 4/20 thing came from, that its still around today.
  5. thats the beauty in the whole thing, is that there isn't an acually "point"

    i think it just all gives stoners a kinda day of there own ya know...

    i don't even smoke much, and im not at all tomarrow but i still find it kinda cool that whereever the whole 4/20 thing came from, that its still around today.
  6. Its the idea of it, not the actual pysical nature of it, i dont need the 4th of july to have a cookout and celebrate my country but it is a way for all of us to come togather, much like 4/20. This is the one day recognized by most people as a day to celebrate the grat act of smoking weed, and it also increases the awareness that this "drug" is not harmful or a down on society its to be celebrated, u dont see a national coke day do you. There are lots more things involved than just i want to get high and i need an excuse.

  7. :laughing: You aren't giving sarcasm a real shot here. haha

    I love celebrating 4/20 because I know all around the world I am not alone. There will be many blades all tokin' up to celebrate our lifestyle. It isn't all about a bunch of kids getting together and smoking themselves silly. It is the opportunity to celebrate something I am very passionate about. Not only that all my stoner kindred are doing the same. I mean we had to pick a day to do that right? It doesn't matter the actual day to me, just as long as this day exists.

  8. I never heard of smoking at 4 minutes and 20 seconds after each hour...only at 4:20 of the day.
    Anyway 4/20 the day is like a national weed holiday where everyone can get together and toke up and everyone around is also blazing up. It's all in good fun.

    Random note: 4/20 = good day to smoke weed?
  9. Does anyone mind if I ask why someone always brings up all or some of the bad shit that happened on 4/20? There is nothing negative about smoking weed to a stoner...why bring this into discussion? It's just a day. I'd love for anyone to comment on this and not trying to point you out bodom. I'm just curious...

    Hitler is the very last person I think of when I'm preparing for 4/20 or any smoke sesh for that matter.
  10. I find myself quoting you often, dbw...

    anyway, yes, i agree. This will be the first time i'll actually be vouluntarially participating... did take a couple hits last year, but that was pretty coereced. anyway, my point...

    it's about connection. however i parcipate, it'll be iess LMG I"M SMOKING! and more being conscious that yes, i'm smoking, as are people all over the US, and, probably, the world. i just see it as a little day to celebrate this (counter)culture.
  11. I changed it. I don't know, I just felt compelled to tell those who hadn't already known.
    It's kind of like....you get presents on Christmas, but also remember Jesus was born on that day? Or something like that....idk...:confused:
  12. awww bodom don't take it out for me. You are an individual. I just wondered. I'm not trying to make you change what you want to share with the community, I just want to understand it. I'm sorry my comments had that effect.

    edit: dude, I'm sorry. I feel really bad about this now.
  13. lol no no, don't feel sorry. I felt sorry cause I didn't want to ruin people's 4/20 with reminding them other some other things that happened that day.
    I apologize.:eek:
  14. awww man there was nothing wrong with your post at all. Hugs? :)

    Switch, sorry about this in your thread man.
  15. I like 4:20 because it's something that you can share with everybody.

    It's true that i don't need to be told when to smoke. I don't need to be dictated that this is pot-smoking day.

    It's just that if i happen to be walking through the park tommorow and see somebody blazing, i can wave and say "happy 420" and give them a smile.

    Call me old fashioned but there is just something about that which makes me smile. And pot is all about being happy.
  16. Definitely, man. It's always a good feeling!:D

    Ha, don't feel sorry about it, it's all ok now! Be Happy, 4/20 is within hours! :D
  17. Why? Because I can:wave:

  18. Switch, you've made me think about this more than it needs to be thought about, but since I did all this thinking about it, I might as well share my thoughts since that's what I've gotten into the habit of doing for the past week or so...

    4/20... similar to New Year's Day... which, by the way, is just another fucking day... or as Janis said so many years ago, "It's all the same fucking day, man!" Why set it aside as a single day of celebration when every day can be a 4/20 day (or the beginning of a new year)? It's also similar to the Friday the 13th superstitions. Why isn't Saturday the 14th unlucky? It's all the same fucking day, man. For someone like myself who smokes steadily throughout the day everyday, stopping on 4/20 to celebrate the gift of ganja doesn't make a lot of sense. I celebrate it everyday.

    Actually, I think it's just another conspiracy perpetrated by greeting card companies to make more money in April! :p

    BTW, in case I forget... Happy 420 everyone!:D
  19. Right back at ya, buddy! :hello:
  20. Heh- that was the idea...

    ... oh... well in that case inspiring laughter was the idea... uh yeah...


    Heh- Don't worry about it... not like you were going to loose any sleep about it but hey- who likes a thread that's ALL on topic... what's wrong with being on topic? I say "EVOLVE, THREADS... EVOOOOLVE!!!"

    Happy 420, yer big stoners :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    EDIT: DBW quote added- I am anal about the double post... yes?

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