4:20 Coincidences

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    Anybody have anything that took 4:20 or happened on 4:20 that is a complete coincidence that you're proud of?

    I got pinned in a wrestling match in 4:20 :D I was just googling my name and look what popped up.

    Consolation finals

    285 - Jacob Mills (Bu) p. T* (Mu) 4:20.

    Got 4th place btw:smoking:
  2. High as shit, raiding the fridge with my friend when he taps my shoulder and points at the clock on the stove. "Duuuude, look!"

    BAM! 4:20
  3. the only thing that comes to mind at the moment .
    is around the first few months i started to smoke weed. barelly had any hookups. and me and a few guy friends were cruising around searching for some. finally when we got some we checked the time and it was 4:20 .
    so all day of searchin for some ganja. when we finally got it. we got it at exactly 4:20.

    i found that pretty cool :cool: haha!
  4. i texted this dealer the other day askin if he could come by, and he doesnt respond.
    i check what time i sent the text at and it was sent at exactly 4:20 ahhah
  5. came into work today, the chick who worked the shift before me was there and she wanted to leave and i was like, "what time are you here til?" she says 5 and i ask what time is it. she looks over the phone to see the time and says 4:20. we both start giggling. ;)
  6. This isn't really a coincidence, but a local radio station always plays Pink Floyd at 4:20 PM every day.
  7. Ha that is the pinnacle of awesome!
  8. hell yeah man! i miss that back home (raleigh). they have the "4:20 smoke break" every single day at 4:20 on 96.1fm. they played some goooooood shit too! god i miss that
  9. I was playing UFC for 360 and I was getting my ass beat. I was about to smoke a bowl at the end of the round, but I landed a lucky punch and KO'd him. The official time of the match was 4:20.
  10. There was 420 members on Smoke and usage foroum like 2 mins ago LOL
  11. Hahahahah! got another one .
    i scrounged up ten dollars .. well almost ten dollars. i had a 5 dollar billl and 4 dollars and twenty cents lol!
    i was supposed to give that to my friend and he was gunna give me a 5 dollar bill .
    but he culdnt . so i told my dealer "i only have a five dollar bill and 4 dollars and twenty cents. but thats even cooler"

    im rele high right now . sorry if that story was confusing or anything hahaah
  12. Ha, this year on 4/20 the guy on the radio was all like "yo i got so many shout outs i gotta read here cuz its 4/20, but im not going to read any of them because you won't remember it tomorrow anyway!!!" we were laughing soo hard
  13. Like the time my parents decided to talk to me on 4/20 at about 4:20 about my brother's "weed problem". He smoked a bowl in his room, bastard. I missed it. FML?
  14. Why were you home at 4:20 on 4/20??? thats the real question
  15. i went to starbucks the other day, got an iced mocha frap.. and it was $4.20
    i laughed
  16. same thing here in denver. 1620 = Pink Floyd daily.
  17. i was at the bank today with my friend and when the teller got to $420 i murmered to my friend,"she said 420 dude!" and then the teller was like' What did you call me!?!? so i told her janis
  18. We've got "Mandatory Marley" everyday here at 4:20 in Phoenix!

    Gotta love it :smoking:
  19. haha we got mandatory metallica every monday, and the 420 smoke break every day at 420. when the calendar hits 420, they play nothin but the good shit all day long :)
  20. lol my friend and i were in the car with his mom goin somewhere, she used to smoke and knows what 4:20 is and all that shit, well anyway i happened to ask what time it was and the time was 4:20 and we both laughed and his mom was like what the fuck.. blew our cover

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