4,000 brilliant, inspiring, life changing posts...

Discussion in 'General' started by Shalom Salaam, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. :p:D:rolleyes::smoke:

    It took over 3 years, but here we are. For those who don't understand, here's how these threads generally work:

    Older members will chime in with memories of when they reached this mark, and often say something only me or someone who's been around a while will understand.

    Newer members will likely insert one liners about how they'll never reach this many posts, or if they already have, how they have no lives. :p

    The rest will post random pictures and insert generic congratulations and faces like this: :hello: and this: :smoke:.

    Seriously, though, despite the ups and downs this place is going through, it's my online home. Most of you rule. :wave:

    Let the fun begin!

  2. Congrats bro!

    You were one of the more active/visible members when I first joined.

    Here's to 4000 more :bongin:
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    haha, usually, i will admit, i am not a fan of these threads...at all.
    you get the benefit of the doubt in this case, cause IMO your a really cool and informed poster. and ive always enjoyed reading your posts
    top of the mornin' to ya shalom
    and heres to 4000 more!:smoke:
    edit- i think its almost ironic almost how you said how these threads usually play out and then me and cali say the same thing (heres to 4000 more followed by a smokin smiley)
  4. Congrats! I have less than 100 posts, but I already love this place. With 4,000+ it must really seem like a home.
  5. Congrats! Here's to 4000 more!

  6. Hmmm. 4k posts eh? I just hit that myself! Congrats yo!

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