4.0 glass

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  1. wow e ross is killing it
    anyone catch any of his new stuff...awesome
  2. ive been peepin it, such sick work, i love his lines and color schemes, always so vibrant
  3. But yeah, if his prices are Toro'esque then thats not good. Let's hope his little mini's arent pushing 500 like Toro's

  4. The E. Ross tubes feature more work.

    42 picked up a couple recently. I'm diggin em.
  5. I need pics
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    best place to view his work is glasspipes.org
    intro to 4.0 in particular.
  7. those minis look awesome.
  8. my only downer is the 4.0 tree roots label...not a fan of labels on worked tubes.
    at least its black and matches anything, some of the full sized worked toros i see with their colored logos just dont do it for me.
  9. I usually don't like logos on worked pieces either but I think the logos look good on them tubes.
  10. Those tubes looks solid, I love this logo and the worked sections are very subtle which I like too.
  11. Wow those look pretty nice. But then again I am a fan of bent necks:D
  12. [​IMG]

    I want one of these recessed, semi-worked oil units pretty bad
  13. How much do those bubblers run? I've been looking for one but nothing really caught my eye and I want to try a new label.
  14. \

    i dunno. my LHS doesn't carry em, and i can't find em for sale online.
  15. fuck man,these things look so sexy,as soon as i seen one i wanted them,really digging the double circ.
  16. $600+ is what I've seen em going for
  17. They are like $750-900 depending on the store.

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