3x3x6 Scrog Cab..need light help

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  1. Hey GC! Starting the new year with a new hobby and need some veteran advice for the my setup. I've been lurking this great site for over a month now; however, I still have a few questions about veg growth and flowering in the same 3x3x6 cab.

    SETUP: (nothing purchased yet)

    Cabinet: 3'w x 3'l x 6'h

    600w digital ballast
    Air cooled 6" hood w/ reflector
    6" inline fan for hood
    MH for Scrog veg
    HPS for flower
    8" inline fan for filter.

    10 gal pot w/ recipe I found on here. (Thanks Not Sure)

    I would like to grow a two plant scrog in this area. I plan to veg with the MH until my screen is 70% full, then switch to Hps to finish filling in the screen and for flowering.

    My question is, will switching bulbs like that harm the plant?

    Any advice or criticism is welcomed!
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  2. No problem :smoke:
    It won't harm the plant. Going all out on your ventilation, very nice. Just make sure you get speed controllers so you can dial in on your temps.
  3. Switching from MH to HPS is generally how it's done. Go for it!
  4. Thanks for the response. I'm ready to get my hands dirty and jump right in. Grow journal coming soon!
  5. im with the guy that said to get speed controllers. your fans are really big and you may not need all that power :metal:

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