3x3x6.5 grow tent, PLEASE HELP

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    Hi all, I just recently purchased a 3x3x6.5ft grow tent and I need help deciding lighting and ventilation. I'm thinking 4 plants in soil. I'm putting the tent in my basement, which stays pretty cool. I have questions about my lighting.. Should I go HID or LED? I was thinking 400w HPS/MH Cooltube, but I also came across the idea of LEDs. I'm not exactly sure how the wattage goes with LEDs.. But from what little research I did, people say they stay cooler and preform better than HIDs. If someone could please shed some information on me or toss me some suggestions I'd appreciate it. Also, I'm thinking passive intake with a inline exhaust. Any tips?
  2. Seems nice.I would use the HID,u need less expirience cheeper and also provide the heat u need(if the weather is cold)

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  3. Yeah I think I'm gonna go with the HID. Also, another thing has come to my attention.. My cable line is running through my grow room and I've heard that digital ballasts give off a lot of RF interference, which will cause peoples radios, cable, internet, ect. to mess up often around me (houses are very close together), which eventually leads to the cable man knocking on your door wanting to check things out.. How could I eliminate the RF interference? Would getting a magnetic instead of digital ballast help this? PLEASE HELP A BROTHA OUT.
  4. Well,I use Lumstec ballast.On the box there is writen that it produce verry small amount of RF.Not shure for other types.The digital ballasts are good because they are silence and don't produice that mutch heat.Also they increase theblight potency with about 30% from the regular ballast.

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  5. I have a 400w mh in my 3x2x5 and it works great. Got the digital ballast off eBay and it doesn't have any rf. I bought a 600w ipower for my flower room and it had a lot of rf, I contacted them and they claimed it was just defective.. Either way I bought a 600w magnetic ballast. Just depends what brand you buy.
  6. How u know there was a lot of RF.How u noticied it?

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  7. Do a radio test, check am and fm stations near the ballast and see if it messes it up. The 600w ipower messed up my car radio right outside my house.
  8. Yeah, I could buy a digital ballast and do the am radio test, but if it does by chance give off RF, then I'd have to return it.. Thinking about just going magnetic. I made another post in the lighting section asking about magnetics. Anyone know much about them and could shed some info about them or drop a link? Thanks for the feedback so far guys.
  9. Okay I've figured out what my lighting system is consisting of.. Now all I need help with is ventilation.. So do I have to vent my cooltube light and tent separately?
  10. Dude don't need just when u use separatelyn vent u will can put the light closer due the the cooler air used for the tube.

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