3x3 tent, 400w in a 24"x12" cooled reflector.... 4" or 6" inline?

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    Here's a spec sheet of the 4"
    the spec sheet for the 6"

    the carbon filters that would go with them are

    • Airflow: 260 CFM (+/-5%) (Max)
    • Suitable for: 7m3

    • Airflow: 530 CFM (+/-5%) (Max)
    • Suitable for: 12m3

    As per the title im getting a 3.3'x3.3'x6.5' (square meter tent) i will have a 400w mh/hps setup. 6" hood reflector (24"x17").

    will the 4" inline i posted be good for that setup in that tent with that size hood reflector or should i go with the 6"? i know the wont fit together, they sell adaptors..

    OR should i just go 6" cooltube? is that size of a hood overkill? im ordering from a website where i can customize my package and its the same price for either or..
  2. Assuming you'll have a speed controller for the fan, either will work. Make sure the exhaust holes in the tent are at least 6" if you go that route. Most go up to 6-8 but some don't.
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  3. I'd go with the 6 inch, and try to get a speed controlled fan with it. That way you can always upgrade to a 600 hps no problem. I grow in the same size tent as you. I use a 250/400 MH for early/late veg. Then I have a 600 HPS for flowering. I use 6 inch ducting, and a 6 inch air cooled reflector, with a speed controlled prima klima extractor fan
  4. i will have a controller, there are 5-8" holes and 2-4" holes for ports... and the screened vents at the bottom as per usual.

    do you mean to set up 6" ducting cause the hoods have 6" holes? cant i just use 4" ducting and 4"-6" connectors with the 4" inline?
  5. ok, awesome! i was thinking of planning ahead aswell for if and when i upgrade to a 600w.. just wasnt sure if a 3x3 would be too small and hot.. i guess its good to have too much power and not need it then not enough and kill the plants either way
  6. You could use one connector and use the 4" inline, yes.
    Or just get the 6" inline with 6" ducting. I've seen some tents that only had a 4" opening for the exhaust ducting, was just making sure that wasn't the case for yours.
  7. It never gets very warm where I live, so having a 600 w in an air cooled is no problem for me at all. If you live somewhere hot, some AC may be required. Ye exactly, plan for down the road so you can save money only buying what you need the first time, instead of having to keep upgrading.

    This is my first time using a 600w before, so im excited to see how it goes. My last grow I used a 400 and I was more than happy with the results.

    Also look at digital ballasts, I've used Lumatek ones for years and I think they are brilliant.

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