3x3 grow tent

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by nonfiction, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. debating on light, thinking might save for a 400w dimmable to 250w ballast then go with a full spectrum hps bulb soon as seedlings too too big for cfls :D
    cheaper option is 200w CFLs, probably way less heat, tent is beside my bed, any chance HIDs cause cancer? lol one site is sellin veg and flower 200w sunblaster cfl 120$..... wouldn't need anything other than that for two plants, maybe a couple random cfls around the bottom, though if i got the 400w hps i wouldnt have to upgrade for ages.... looking for some input!
    third option was LED, though after doing some research find that hps is better, except heat.......

  2. I think that 400 dimmable would be perfect for a 3x3 tent.
    And like you said you wouldn't have to upgrade for a long time.
    Plus if you get a cool tube filter and fan you'd tackle your heat and smell problem at the same time.

    Sorry I can't help ya with the cancer part.... I've never heard that one.
  3. I'm no aware of HID,....HPS/MH causing any cancer, maybe skin cancer if you stay in long enough, but really I doubt it, frequent use of light on the eyes may cause some damage, most growers have learn't not to look directly at the light.
    That said I do know my Phillips 400w Mh does have some asbestos wadding on the inside, that I feel should have been informed about,
    try changing the bulb in a confined space like a grow room, and inhaling asbestos dust, and fiddling with a hot dead bulb ...no fun???
    haha perfect, i think i might buy 600w ballast and dimm it down to 400w, i will google the cool tube filter you are talking about now, you got me excited, 2 birds one stone.....

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