3x3 grow tent, scrog, 600 watt.

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  1. These girls are about a month and ten days. They are all looking beautiful. I got 1 og, 1 blue venom, 1 candy kush, 1 Tahoe og, and 1 afghani kush. Got clones from the dispensary close to town. The Tahoe og is from seed and was alwready sexd. Fox farm ocean forest. Using sensi grow from advanced. 600 watt. This is pretty much my first real grow, my last one got fucked--everything hermied but I learned a lot! Really just wanted some input on what you guys thought, any help is appreciated.

    The first picture is the first day I put the tent in and tucked everything under..I really hope I made the screen the right height and everything.

    The second picture is them after they adjusted to it

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  2. wow, you squeezed 5 plants in 3x3? What size containers? subbed :bongin:
  3. Yeah, I really didn't want to keep the Tahoe og but I couldn't throw it away. And there in 2 gallon pots right now.im probably gonna end up giving the Tahoe to a buddy to do ill hav the space.

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