3x3 closet

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by shagrat, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. how many "tomato" plants could i grow in there? i got plenty of room to grow up.
  2. Dude, grow tomatoes outside, they're legal you know...
  3. lol you funny guy "tomatoes" can only be grown inside
  4. You need to provide us with more information. Perhaps do a bit more reading. Are you using soil or hydro? HID light? How strong? SOG/SCROG? Do you prefer indica strains or sativa strains. Simply not enough information.

    I am growing 17 plants in 8 sq feet. You have 9 sq feet.
  5. is screen of green very beneficial? i personally prefer sativa/indica mixes. but i love em all. soil. 400W HPS. dam 18 plants in 8 sq ft? that brings another question. Would it be better to grow like 10 small plants or 4 huge plants? i know all the growing basics i just wanna do it best the first time. keep in mind im growing with someone who has successfully grown before it was just a totally different grow space he used and totally different lights.
  6. heh, glad you took it well, i was just messin around with you. A 3x3 closet sounds small, but im sure if you LST them, and start to flower them early enough you could grow a whole batch of "tomoatoes" ;)

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