3x3 Air Cooled 400W Grow Room Package

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  1. Hi i was wondering if this is a good package for its price. 

    1 x Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR90 II Grow Tent
    • The best (and most popular) grow tent on the market based on our and customer reviews. It is good looking and has the best construction. It is only a few dollars more than the competition making it an easy choice for this package.
    1 x Phantom Digital 400W Electronic Ballast, 120/240v
    • 5 year warrenty 3 year full/2 years prorated
    • Power HPS and MH bulbs.
    • Includes 8' 120 volt power cord.
    1 x Arctic Sun 6" Air Cooled Reflector
    • Compact design - fits perfectly in the DR90 II grow tent.
    • Efficient output, scores well on the reflector test.
    • Compatible with Galaxy ballast, no extra adapters required.
    • Includes 15' cord that plugs in the the Galaxy ballast.
    1 x Hortilux Super HPS EN Lamp - 400W
    • Ultra premium grow light.
    • If you are going to use one type of bulb (HPS or MH) all the way through, HPS is the bulb to use.
    • Made in the USA.
    1 x Active Air 6" Duct Booster Inline Fan - 188 CFM
    • The most quiet fan option.<ul class="bbc"><li>Noise for your fan is determiend by how much air you move through what size fan. So a 400 CFM fan going through a 4" area is going to be much louder than a 200 CFM fan going through a 6" area.
    </li>[*]Extreme value, way cheaper than using the traditional inline fans (non-booster).[*]One year warranty (the shorter warranty is worth the savings, and for quiet fans this is the only choice).</ul>1 x Phresh Filter - 4" x 12" 200 CFM
    • Most popular filter. Top brand.
    • Compact design.
    • Correctly sized for system.
    1 x Duct Reducer 6" to 4"
    • To connect the 6" ducting to the Phresh filter.
    1 x Progrip Ratchet Light Hangers
    • Great product, 5/5 stars.
    1 x Dual Outlet Digital Timer 7 Day
    • Using a timer for your lights in your garden adds not only convience but also encourages more productive plant growth, timers are also essential for all hydroponic system applications.
    • Run the lights seven days a week. Run 24 hours for early growth, 15-18 hours on for growth, 10-12 hours on for bloom.
    1 x  Ducting with Clamps - 25' length of 6"
    • Includes 2 stainless steel hose clamps.
    • Flexible air duct connectors made from tough, puncture resistant 3 ply aluminum foil laminate and contain a high density, corrosion resistant wire helix in the duct wall for support. - Shipping is subject to vary on these packages.  Please contact for accurate shipping price.
    1 x Exhale - Home Grown CO2 Release Bag
    • 6 months duration
    • slow release
    • for those interested in using Co2 but never have, this is perfect for your little room

  2. any input would be appreciated. also i plan on putting this tent in my walk in closet 
  3. I like the idea of going with a Hortilux bulb and a Phantom ballast.  I have one of those setups as well and it works great so far.  However, for that space, I would advise to upgrade that ballast and bulb to the 600 wattt model for better coverage.  At that rate you could even go slightly bigger on the tent if you want, such as going with a 40" by 40" inch.  Thats only 4 more inches than a 3 x 3, but will provide you 2 more cubic feet.  Otherwise that Phresh filter is slightly small but may work.  I have the version that is 24 inches tall which takes 6 inch ducting.  I don't even think its that much more expensive than their other models, but its a beast.  Overkill is something that I think can be a good thing to have when it comes to odor control.

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