3w old plant brownish yellow leaves with tacoing PLEASE HELP

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    First time grower using a 2000w bestva Led light. Humidity 50-60, temp- 22-28
    Growing 4 plants is a 4x4 indoor grow tent. Plants have been given 0 nutrients until i saw one plabts leaves are turning yellow so i transplanted in just under a gallon pots and gave them their first feeding. I believe it is a phosphorus deficiency. One plant is growing abnormal the other 2 are healthy. Can anyone explain the abnormal growth aswell please.

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  2. How close is your light? Is it at a good distance? If you don't feed them it may be that it's just a deficiency. Have you tested your water?
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  3. the light is 20inchs from the top of the tallest plant, yeah i ph'd the water to 6.7 each time i fed them. After the first feed the leaves stood up but the yellowing got worse. this morning they just one leaf was tacoing.
  4. How often do you water it? From the pictures I would guess overwatering.
  5. I had my 450w 30 inches away, did you check the light readings on the manufacturers website? They should have a section that show the light intensity at different heights. Looks like you might be right about the phosphorous deficiency though. What's your plan?

    What does it look like in the picture? They would have a bluish tint which they don't seem to have.
  6. How much of the advanced nutrients did you put in? Add only a small amount, 0.5ml per litre then test the ppm. I'm also using advanced nutrients at the moment and they are faaaar too strong.
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  7. i used 0.3333ml of each in a total of 3litres of water for their first feeding, my plan is to continue feeding with nutrients and hopefully the 2 plants recover. i water my plant every 36-48 hours hbu?
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  8. They shouldn't be drinking up that much water, probably every 3 days. Test it with your finger, if you can put it in the soil up to your first knuckle and it's dry, then it needs watered. Also, at this stage, you want to keep the humidity around 60% since the plant doesn't have the structure (roots) to be transpirating too much moisture.
  9. i split the water between the 3 plants so each got about a litre of water for their first feeding, i cut off the damaged leaves and the plant grew just a bit. Im going to give the next feeding today when i turn the lights back on at 230am.
  10. Try doing 0.5ml per litre for each grow bloom micro, that should bring the ppm to about 200 before accounting for your water ppm... maybe even bring it up to 400 at since they're a good size. Do you use an ro filter?

    Let us know how you get on mate, enjoy the journey :)
  11. could you explain ppm to me please, i bought a digital ppm monitor the other day but i have yet to use it, i held back on watering the plants this morning as they still were damp im about to give the feeding now in about 30mins. btw since cutting off the damaged leaves the plant 24 hours ago, the plant has had small growth so this watering is going to be extremely important and i dont want to mess it up.
    and no i dont use any filter just tap water add in the nutrients and then use ph down to bring it between 6.4-6.8
  12. A digital tds is just 2 electrical rods, they measure the voltage between them when placed in your water and through some blackmagic tells you how many parts per million of solution is in the water. Using this reading we can then adjust how much of the nutrients we put in the water based on the current state of the plant (veg/flower/late).

    So since they're young you want to slowly add nutrients until you get up to around 400ppm, the downside of using tap water is that it already has additives, so you have to measure the water first and if you're unlucky then it might already be at around 300ppm, that's why using a reverse osmosis filter is so important. I have 280 ppm in my tap water, but after RO filtering I have about 5ppm, so you see I now have all that free space to put the stuff in the water that I actually want in the water.

    Your ph is *generally* good, however, if you don't go down a little further (to around 6) every 3rd or 4th watering, then it's common for iron deficiency to occur.

    You always want to take the damaged leaves off the plant, otherwise it'll divert it's energy to 'fixing' the part that has an injury, but we don't care about that! We want it to be building up height and strength.

    If it was still wet this morning then you may want to consider doing it tomorrow. Since this is your first test keep some logs, it'll help you understand the uniqueness of your plant. Water at 6.0ph and let about 20% of the water your pouring in to run through the bottom, this is what is called the 'run-off'. By collecting this you can test the ph and ppm to determine what's been happening since you last fed them, if there's a high ppm then you'll know that you put too much in last time or there's a 'lockout' happening which renders certain nutrients unusable by the plant due to ph issues. Having run-off values that are the same as the values of the water you're putting in would, obviously, be ideal, it means the plant is using everything you're giving it.

    However, if the ppm is really high (>1000), then you'll have to flush it out by pouring around 3 times the size of the pot (3 litre pot = 9 litres of watering) so those nutes get 'flushed' away.
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  13. You can see how ph determines which nutrients are available to a plant in this diagram:
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  14. thanks for that information, makes a lot more sense now.
    btw i just looked at my plant and saw that the leaf tips are beginning to point up, i fell asleep without turning the a/c on or refilling the the humidifier, i woke up to the temp at 30degree c, and 34% humidity and searching online it says heat stress, what do you think?

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  15. Yeah absolutely heat stress :) Everything stress hehe. When the humidity is low, your plant will try to make up that difference by transpirating (sweating) more, all around not good. But they're hardy plants, fix it and it'll be fine.
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  16. Remember to have your light at an appropriate distance to the plant. If you look on the manufacturers website they should have some detalied graphs showing the light intensity at different heights. Quite a strong light so should be around 30 inches away at the moment (just a guess) .
  17. i just gave them a watering and checked the run off pH and it was 5.3, i have no idea what to do, should i mix some ph up in water and give it some or what do you suggest
  18. What about your ppm?
  19. before feeding ppm tested at 230, the run off showed the ppm at 140, just tap water ppm is 117
  20. We at least now know that there's some nutrient lock out going on if you reference the chart above there.

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